Abdominoplasty and Abdominal Muscle Repair (Diastasis Recti)


Abdominoplasty and Abdominal Muscle Repair (Diastasis Recti)

Patients with issues such as bloating, excess fat, and sagging skin in the abdominal area can confidently rely on an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in this area to diagnose the underlying cause of these issues and determine the appropriate plastic surgery procedure. Diastasis Recti is a common concern for patients, but with the expertise of a skilled plastic surgeon, it can be effectively addressed.

What is Diastasis Recti?

In short, diastasis recti can be described as the separation of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles, which normally lie in a certain area, separate from each other for some reason. This condition is known as diastasis recti. The problem of diastasis recti can cause different physical problems in each patient. This can be difficult for patients to understand. Doctors you usually see for another problem or surgery may tell you that you have a diastasis recti problem.

Abdominoplasty And Abdominal Muscle Repair Diastasis Recti

Is it possible to remedy diastasis recti with liposuction?

Clinic Health Beauty health assistants receive messages and pictures about liposuction and tummy tuck from many countries. One of the most confusing issues for patients is that they cannot distinguish between the problem of diastasis recti and the problem of fat in the abdomen.

Sample Patient Case

The patient’s abdominal muscles are separated. So there is a diastasis recti problem.The patient is not aware of the muscle separation. Due to the muscle separation, the upper abdomen and belly are protruding. The patient thinks it is a fat problem and wants liposuction.

The above patient situation is very common. Our recommendation for patients with such problems is a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction. The patient is advised to consult a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

What Causes Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti can occur for a variety of reasons, but there are three main causes.

During pregnancy, it can stretch the abdominal muscles so that the baby can develop in favorable conditions. The increased pressure can cause the abdominal muscles to separate.

Aggressive loading to train and develop the abdominal muscles can sometimes overload the abdominal muscles. As a result of incorrect movements, it can separate the abdominal muscles and cause the problem of diastasis recti.

Excessive weight gain can cause an increase in internal abdominal pressure. As a result, diastasis recti may occur.

Tummy Tuck Surgery and Muscle Suturing

Clinic Health Beauty 2024 plans tummy tuck surgeries in Turkey. Along with tummy tuck surgery, vaser liposuction is performed on the back, abdomen and waist area.

Abdominoplasty And Abdominal Muscle Repair Diastasis Recti

Tummy tuck surgery repairs the abdominal muscles. The problem of diastasis recti is eliminated. By suturing the abdominal muscles, the pressure on the front part is eliminated. In this way, the abdominal wall problem is eliminated.

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