Rhinoplasty – Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty – Nose Aesthetic Surgery

(Nose Aesthetic Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic operation performed to correct congenital or acquired deformities, often caused by trauma. These surgeries are commonly referred to as rhinoplasty.

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face during public interactions, special invitations, at home, or at work. Individuals who are unhappy with the shape of their nose or overly concerned about it may feel self-conscious, believing that others focus on their nose in these settings. This can negatively impact their social, home, and work life. Therefore, it is important to consider rhinoplasty as a means to address not only physical but also psychological concerns.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects the cartilage and bone structures in the nose to achieve a natural appearance. In addition to correcting the deformity, it also eliminates respiratory disorders caused by the nose.

After undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, many patients often express that they can breathe much easier. This surgical procedure not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of patients but also resolves respiratory issues, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

What Are the Types and Classifications of Rhinoplasty?

In rhinoplasty, patients are evaluated based on their complaints. The most appropriate type of rhinoplasty is then determined as a result of this evaluation.

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the shape of the nose and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements the face. It is the most frequently performed type of nose surgery.

  • Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure performed on patients who have previously undergone rhinoplasty surgery. It is intended for patients who are unsatisfied with the outcome of the previous surgery, who experience aesthetic issues, and who have health problems as a result of the surgery.

  • Nasal Tip Aesthetics (Tipplasty)

This procedure is intended for patients who are dissatisfied with the structure of their nasal tip. It can address issues such as an excessively pointed or wide nose, a low nasal tip, and asymmetry in the wings of the nose. It’s important to note that this procedure does not involve any manipulation of the nose bone.

  • Septoplasty

In this procedure, the inside of the nose is operated on. It is intended for patients with nasal deviation issues. The goal of the surgery is to improve the patient’s ability to breathe comfortably.

  • Septorinoplasty

During this operation, rhinoplasty is performed to address the breathing problem in the nose. Simultaneously, the nose is reshaped to correct any deviation issue.

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Rhinoplasty Patients

Patients who undergo rhinoplasty may have various complaints. Therefore, it is important for a plastic surgeon or an ENT (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) specialist with expertise in rhinoplasty to evaluate the patients’ expectations and complaints.

When evaluating patients who are considering rhinoplasty surgery, they may express their desire to undergo nose surgery for the following reasons:

Rhinoplasty Consultation

The consultation process is crucial for patients who are considering rhinoplasty. The primary objective of this stage is for the doctor and patient to establish a relationship, understand each other’s expectations, and engage in clear discussions.

Rhinoplasty consultations can be conducted in various ways, including face-to-face meetings, video conferences, sharing photos and videos via WhatsApp, or through consultation forms.

To assist you, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions by patients who are interested in rhinoplasty.

Before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to evaluate the patient’s health condition. All details that could potentially hinder the surgery should be thoroughly investigated. During the consultation phase, the following information will be requested from you.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Plan in Istanbul, Turkey

We offer a 7-day Istanbul travel package for patients undergoing rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. It is crucial to have a follow-up period of 6-7 days after the surgery. Air travel should only be considered once the risk of bleeding has been minimized.

On average, rhinoplasty surgeries take around 2-3 hours to complete. However, revision nose surgeries may take longer.

After the rhinoplasty procedure, it is sufficient to stay in the hospital for one or two nights. Your treatment will continue under the care of a doctor in a sterile environment.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it is normal to experience some pain afterward. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics as part of your treatment.

It is possible to experience bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty surgery. Fortunately, modern techniques have reduced the occurrence of these side effects compared to the past.

Once you are in your room after the surgery, you will have silicone tampons in your nose. These special tampons help protect the new structure of the nose and control bleeding. The tampons will be removed within 3-5 days after the rhinoplasty surgery.

For the first 48 hours after the surgery, it is recommended to apply ice to reduce bruising and swelling. Applying a cold compress for 10 minutes every hour will provide relief for patients.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Package Price in Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed in a private hospital by a specialist surgeon. A professional team is responsible for organizing the surgery and providing care before and after the procedure. The price for rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey can range from 3600 to 5000 dollars.

The package includes:

To obtain detailed information about rhinoplasty and schedule a free consultation, please contact our assistants.

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