FAQs Before BBL

FAQs Before BBL

FAQs Before BBL

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery takes approximately 3 hours.

Yes. After you come out of BBL surgery, you will usually see two drains in the front and one drain in the back. These drains are important absorbents that allow the fluids in the body to come out. Your drains will be removed 4 or 5 days after the operation. Your doctor decides this.

Yes, you will. You will notice the urine bag after you come out of surgery. The urinary catheter will be removed the next day or in the evening of the same day, as instructed by your doctor.

Yes, you will. After you come out of surgery, you will see the BBL pad under your buttocks.

BBL is performed under general anesthesia.

BBL is an operation in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. It is a method applied to give shape, posture and fullness to the butt. It is the transfer of fat taken from certain parts of the body to the buttocks through a special process.

In the BBL operation, fat is removed from the abdomen and waist areas, if necessary, from the back with liposuction.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is not suitable for patients with chronic diseases (this is evaluated by doctors), patients with high weight (BMI should be 31 and below), patients who do not have enough fat in accordance with the doctor’s decision.

BBL surgery should be performed by experienced surgeons specialized in this field. For this reason, fat is transferred to the buttocks, taking into account that the fat will melt a little after fat transfer to the buttocks. The rate of melting of fat in the buttocks after BBL varies from patient to patient. Some patients may have very little melting. In some patients, more fat may melt. This is related to the patient’s own body. It is said that the melting rate is high in smoking patients. But there is no definitive answer to this situation.

Many patients worry about whether my butt will shrink after BBL. For this, following the postoperative care process and rules will prolong the melting period.

BBL surgery carries as much risk as other aesthetic operations. We see that undesirable events have occurred due to the techniques used in the past years and lack of experience. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the right surgery, the right hospital and the right organization for BBL.

The risks of BBL surgery include embolism, bleeding, inflammation, deformity, risks related to anesthesia.

For the BBL operation, a 6 nights and 7 days travel program is made in Istanbul, Turkey. 1-2 nights at the hospital and the other days at your hotel or home.

It is normal to have pain after BBL surgery. This is mostly liposuction related pain. You will be given a painkiller serum during your hospital stay. Before you leave the hospital, your doctor will inform you about the necessary medication.

The price of BBL surgery is determined according to the experience of the doctor, the hospital, the hotel where you will stay and other services you will receive. You can get support from our assistants for this.

If you are thinking of having your BBL surgery in Istanbul Turkey, you should be selective about this issue. You should get to know your doctor, examine how the organization is, pay attention to before and after photos and check out real patient comments.

BBL surgery will make you happy when performed by an experienced and specialized doctor.

Before you come for BBL surgery, our assistants will explain the preparation process to you. In short, stop your birth control medication, do not take blood thinners, do not drink herbal teas, do not smoke or drink alcohol. Be careful not to get sick before coming to the surgery. Come to the surgery with a rested body.

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