Ellipse Gastric Balloon (Swallowable Smart Gastric Balloon)

Ellipse Gastric Balloon (Swallowable Smart Gastric Balloon)

Ellipse Gastric Balloon (Swallowable Smart Gastric Balloon)

The ellipse gastric balloon, also referred to as the smart gastric balloon, is a swallowable procedure utilized by patients looking to shed excess weight. The simplicity of the procedure and its prompt results make it a favorable option for weight loss seekers.

The purpose of the swallowable gastric balloon manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey is to induce a sensation of fullness in the stomach. This is accomplished using a small capsule that is ingested and deposited in the stomach.

Smart Gastric Balloon in Turkey

The Ellipse smart balloon for weight loss can be swallowed without the need for anesthesia and the procedure is painless.

How is the Ellipse Gastric Balloon Procedure Carried Out in Turkey?

The patient ingests the capsule with water in the presence of the Specialist Doctor and Radiology Technician. Next, the balloon location is verified with an X-ray. Once the balloon reaches the stomach, it is extracted from the capsule and begins to expand. The patient will not experience sensations during the inflation process aside from a feeling of fullness in the stomach. The swallowable gastric balloon procedure usually lasts 15 minutes.

The Ellipse Gastric Balloon is a unique self-dissolving device that fully dissolves in approximately four months.

The Ellipse Gastric Balloon is a unique self-dissolving balloon. Fully dissolves in approximately four months.

The swallowable smart gastric balloon is appropriate for overweight individuals who have adhered to diet and exercise but haven’t attained their weight loss goals. It is a suitable alternative for patients who prefer non-surgical weight loss treatment and want to achieve desired results rapidly.

How Much Weight Can be Lost With the Ellipse Smart Gastric Balloon?

When following the procedures of patients who received the smart gastric balloon in Istanbul, Turkey, it was observed that they lost between 13 and 15 kilograms after 4 months.

Does the Swallowable Smart Gastric Balloon Cause Pain and Soreness?

You won’t experience any pain or soreness while using the Ellipse gastric balloon that can be swallowed. Although you might encounter some difficulty while swallowing the capsule, it can be resolved with the help of water.

When Can I Go Back to My Normal Life After Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

After undergoing the Smart Gastric Balloon procedure, you can resume your regular daily activities without any disruptions.

Ellipse Gastric Balloon 3

What are the Advantages of Swallowable Ellipse Gastric Balloon?

Who is Eligible for a Swallowable Ellipse Gastric Balloon in Turkey?

Patients with a body mass index (BMI) ranging from 27 to 40, who decline anesthesia and are unable to lose their excess weight through diet and exercise, are eligible for the procedure.

Who Cannot Have a Smart Gastric Balloon?

Will I Have Trouble Swallowing the Smart Gastric Balloon?

The Ellipse gastric balloon comes in a capsule that is easy to swallow, only slightly larger than a regular pill. Your doctor will supervise as you swallow the capsule. We have not encountered any patients who were unable to swallow the capsule.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Ellipse Gastric Balloon?

It is not possible to provide a definite and precise figure on this topic. However, the smart gastric balloon typically results in an average weight loss of 15-20 kilograms. Keep in mind that this number may differ depending on your BMI and adherence to exercise and dietary recommendations post-procedure.

Does Weight Regain Occur After the Ellipse Gastric Balloon Procedure?

After undergoing the smart gastric balloon procedure, it’s possible to gain weight, as with any stomach surgery. However, this is entirely manageable as long as you adhere to your diet and take control of the situation. You have the power to maintain your ideal weight by following appropriate dietary habits. People who have had ellipse stomach surgery report significant positive changes in their lives and a regained sense of health.

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What to Do Before Swallowed Smart Ellipse Gastric Balloon?

Before undergoing a swallowable gastric balloon procedure, it is important to adhere to the guidelines provided by your doctor.

Swallowable Smart Ellipse Stomach Balloon Price in Turkey

The cost of the swallowable ellipse gastric balloon in Turkey ranges from $3100 to $3500 or pounds. It is crucial to have the procedure performed by a skilled surgeon. The smart gastric balloon price includes the services listed below.

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