Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the arms. Consistent use of metrics and units, precise vocabulary, and unambiguous language make this text grammatically correct and easy to understand. It is commonly sought after by female patients as it can help address both physical and psychological concerns related to the appearance of their arms.

Here, you’ll find information on arm lift surgery, including how the procedure is performed, who is a suitable candidate, why skin on the arms sags, pre-surgery checks and procedures, what the process involves before and after surgery, and the cost of arm lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

Why Do Arms Sag?

Sagging arms can have multiple causes, both psychological and physical.The following are among the factors that can contribute to arm sagging.

After weight loss surgery, sagging may occur not only in the arms, but also in the abdomen and legs. In these instances, a combined body aesthetic procedure may be performed. It is important to consult with experienced plastic surgeons in order to receive the best results. Detailed discussions regarding the procedure should be carried out.

Sagging arms negatively impact women’s social lives, contributing to challenges with choosing special occasion and evening wear, discomfort with short-sleeved clothing, and unease at the beach or pool.

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Doctor Interview Before Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery should be planned with an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic procedures. The suitability of a patient for the procedure is determined by the degree of arm sagging and the amount of fat present in the arms.

For arm lift surgery, it’s crucial to provide your doctor with photos and videos of your arms to evaluate. Additionally, medical assistants require some information as part of the preoperative evaluation.

Height - Weight
Chronic Diseases
Medicines you use
Surgeries you have undergone
Smoking and alcohol use
Did you give birth?
Do you have allergies?
Your expectations from the surgery

This information, along with photographs and videos, is necessary for an arm lift surgery. A thorough evaluation will be conducted by your physician to assess your eligibility for the procedure.

Preparation for Arm Lift Surgery

For arm lift surgery, patients should follow certain guidelines one month prior to the procedure to ensure a smooth operation process. These guidelines are crucial for the success of the surgery.

Smoking poses risks for arm lift surgery. Patients should quit smoking at least 3 weeks before their procedure to reduce the likelihood of post-surgical breathing difficulties, delayed wound closure, and uneven scar healing.

Stop taking blood thinners 3-4 weeks prior to surgery and inform us if you are currently taking any. The use of blood thinners can increase the likelihood of bleeding, which is a risk during surgery.

Stop taking birth control pills 4 weeks prior to surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Maintain a healthy diet and avoid weight gain. Take care not to fall ill before your surgery. Consume easily digestible foods to prevent constipation after the surgery.

Go to the surgery with an 8-10 hour fast. Refrain from consuming food and water the evening prior.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed in Turkey?

Arm lift surgery at a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey is conducted with general anesthesia, typically lasting 2-4 hours. The patient is required to spend one night in the hospital for recovery.

Before undergoing arm lift surgery, you will have your blood tests conducted, be visited by the anesthesiologist, and have any potential obstacles to the procedure investigated.

On the day of surgery, your aesthetic and plastic surgeon will visit you in your room to make drawings of your arms and provide information about the procedure. They will also answer any questions you may have.

Generally, during an arm lift procedure, a surgeon makes an incision from the armpit to the lower part of the elbow, removes excess skin, and may remove excess fat using liposuction. Typically, the resistors are removed on the second day after the surgery. Special stitches are used to close the wound, and afterwards, the patient wears a special arm corset. To drain fluid and blood accumulated due to the surgery, resistors are placed on both arms.

Your initial meal will be provided four hours after your surgery, at which point our trained nurse will accompany you on a special walking session.

Mild pain and tension in the arm are common after an arm lift procedure. You will receive painkillers and antibiotics to manage the discomfort.

The day after your surgery, we will conduct necessary follow-up tests and carry out discharge procedures. You will have a follow-up doctor’s appointment three days later to monitor your progress. On the day of discharge, we will provide a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. Additionally, a flight report will be prepared for your travel arrangements.

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Istanbul, Turkey Arm Lift Surgery Plan

Clinic Health Beauty organizes a total of 6 days travel plan for arm lift surgery.

Patients are informed in writing about the travel plan, the procedure, the details of the operation, the hospital stay, the check-ups and the post-operation process.

1-2 Nights Hospital

4 Nights Hotel

Preoperative Information

Things to do before surgery

Airport Vip Welcome Plan

Surgical Technique and Operation Details

Information about the assistant who will accompany you to the hospital

Things to do after surgery

Providing Information on Control Processes

Planning the Private Nursing Process in a Hotel

Providing Payment Plan and Contract Information

Providing Hotel Information

Recovery Process After Arm Lift Surgery

The recovery process following arm lift surgery can vary between patients, depending on factors such as age, skin structure, and postoperative care.

Arm Lift Price in Turkey

The cost of arm lift surgery at A Plus Private Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, ranges from $3,500 to $4,000 or pounds. The procedure is performed by a specialized plastic surgeon. The package price for arm lift surgery includes the following services.

Arm Lift Surgery - Arm Liposuction
2-Night Private Room Stay at A Plus Hospital.
4-Night Double Occupancy in a Five-star Hotel.
Private VIP transportation service between the airport, hotel, and hospital.
Preoperative blood tests
Special nurse checks at the hotel
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Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)  from you to Clinic Health Beauty health consultants.

It is a surgical procedure that tightens the appearance of the arms by removing excess, sagging skin.

In Turkey, the cost of an arm lift surgery can range from $3,500 to $5,000 or pounds. The price is subject to variation depending on the healthcare provider, hospital, and specific services required for the procedure.

Arm lift surgery typically lasts 2 to 4 hours. If liposuction is included as part of the surgery to remove excess fat, the procedure may take up to 3 to 4 hours.

Arm lift surgery typically does not cause severe pain. Patients may experience mild pain and discomfort following the procedure. Postoperative pain relievers and antibiotics will be provided.

Plastic surgery is cheaper in Turkey because the Euro, dollar, and pound are more valuable than the Turkish Lira.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are less expensive than in numerous other countries.

Since arm lift surgery is a surgical procedure, a scar is left behind. This scar is not very noticeable from the outside as it remains on the inside of the arm. As time passes, the surgical scar becomes less distinct. However, the scar never completely disappears.

Arm lift surgery is a permanent procedure that may be reversed by an unbalanced diet and excessive weight gain, leading to the accumulation of fat in the arms.

Non-surgical methods cannot stretch the sagging skin on the arms at this point in time.

There is no harm in flying after undergoing an arm lift surgery. You will be required to undergo a 5-day check-up in Turkey following the surgery, and the flight report will only be issued after the final check.

If needed, brachioplasty surgery can include liposuction to remove excess fat from the arms. The amount of fat removed through liposuction may vary from person to person.

It is recommended to wait for about four weeks after arm lift surgery before exercising. During this time, avoid excessive stretching of the arms and focus on full-body exercises instead.

Turkey has skilled plastic surgeons who specialize in aesthetics and plastic surgery. It is crucial to choose the appropriate surgeon for your surgery.

You can safely undergo surgery in Turkey by selecting the appropriate surgeon, hospital, and organization.

There are numerous plastic surgeons specialized in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s crucial to choose an experienced surgeon for your surgery.

There are numerous reputable plastic surgeons in Turkey. It is crucial to select the appropriate specialist for each specific surgery.

Arm lift is done to address sagging in the arms due to weight loss surgery, aging, or genetic factors

Vaser liposuction is a highly effective treatment for removing excess fat in the arms.

The surgical procedure for arm lift involves making an incision on the inner part of the arm. Post-surgery, your doctor may suggest using specialized creams to minimize scarring.

It is recommended to wear arm compression corsets for 4 weeks following an arm lift surgery.

The quality of arm lift surgery scars is influenced by several factors including the choice of surgeon, the patient’s skin structure, postoperative care, and smoking habits.

The success rate of aesthetic and plastic surgery operations in Turkey is high thanks to its top-rated hospitals and experienced doctors. Additionally, the Euro, dollar, and pound currencies are more valuable against the Turkish lira, making these operations much more affordable due to the exchange rate difference.

Weight loss surgeries, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), liposuction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, and hair transplantation are popular procedures in Turkey.

Turkey is a leading destination for aesthetic and plastic surgery, offering advanced procedures and techniques.

You can file a lawsuit against the surgeon in Turkey. Your consulates can provide you with assistance in this matter.

For plastic surgery in Turkey, individuals may seek services from private clinics, hospitals, or official health tourism companies. It is recommended to research and carefully consider each option before making a decision.

Istanbul is renowned for its private health services and hospitals with plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

After undergoing arm lift surgery, it is crucial to keep the armpit and wound area dry. The wounds must be appropriately dressed on a regular basis. Smoking should be completely avoided, and movements that strain the stitches should be prevented.

After undergoing arm lift surgery, you are free to sleep in any position that does not cause discomfort or strain to your arms. It is advisable to sleep on your back for optimal comfort.

After undergoing an arm lift procedure, it is permissible to wear a bra as long as it does not inflict harm on the suture areas. It is crucial to avoid any damage to the suture regions to ensure proper healing.

There is no need to adhere to a specific sleeping position, as long as you don’t strain your stitches. After two weeks, your stitches will have healed sufficiently. It is recommended that you sleep on your back for the first two weeks.

By the 3rd to 4th day after undergoing an arm lift surgery, the pain in your arms should subside. However, you may still encounter occasional mild discomfort.

A drainage massage may be beneficial after undergoing arm lift surgery as it can accelerate the healing process by reducing edema and swelling.

You can maintain your regular diet, but avoid consuming foods that may lead to weight gain.

Stop smoking at least four weeks before arm lift surgery. Abstain from food and drink for 8-10 hours before surgery. Discontinue blood thinners and birth control pills 3-4 weeks before surgery. Take precautions to avoid falling sick during the week leading up to the surgery.

After undergoing arm lift surgery, it is advised that you avoid lifting heavy objects with your arms and refrain from excessive upward, downward, left, and right movements. Additionally, you should exercise caution when performing any movements that may strain your stitches.

Arm lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety during the procedure.

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