FAQs After BBL

FAQs After BBL

FAQs After BBL

The fit point of edema and swelling after BBL, ie Brazilian Butt Lift, is the first 3 days. It starts to decrease from the fourth day. The process is accelerated with lipo drainage (Lymphatic massage) massages. After 1-2 months, the body recovers itself. It can sometimes take up to 1 year for the edema and swelling to completely disappear from the body.

After BBL, bruises may occur in certain parts of the body due to liposuction. This may be different in each patient. Some patients may have less bruising and some may have more bruising. Bruises start to decrease after 1 week. They disappear day by day.

Your drains will be removed within 4-5 days after BBL, i.e. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. You can take your shower one day after your drains are removed.

We recommend using your BBL pillow for a period of 2 months.

After BBL surgery, there will be swelling and edema in your body. As these swelling and edema decrease, your butt will return to the shape and size you want. In the BBL operation, some of the fat is made a little fuller by calculating the melting rate of the fat. Over time, you will reach the planned dimensions.

Yes; BBL is a repeatable operation. If there is suitable fat in your body, it can be repeated by waiting one year.

You should definitely have a lipo drainage massage after BBL. You can get advice from your doctor about this. Clinic Health Beauty offers lipo drainage massage to its patients after BBL.

Do not do sports activities for about 3 months after BBL. Instead, you can do walking and light jogging.

It is recommended to wear a corset for about 2 months after BBL

Do not have sex for at least 2 days after BBL. You are still at risk of infection after BBL. Talk to your partner about this. Listen to your body afterwards and avoid positions that affect your surgical result.

Maintain your weight after BBL. There is a risk of fat loss in your buttocks due to weight loss. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

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