No Touch Laser Eye Surgery

No Touch Laser Eye Surgery

No Touch Laser Eye Surgery

No touch laser is an effective procedure for eliminating glasses and contact lenses in just 50 seconds. This procedure is suitable for patients facing myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism issues.

No-touch eye laser treatment using advanced technology is available in a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The procedure is performed by specialist ophthalmologists.

Advantages of No Touch Laser Operation

The benefits of laser operations without physical contact provide significant comfort to patients.

Who Can Have No Touch Laser Eye Surgery?

No-touch laser treatment is used to treat patients with farsightedness, nearsightedness, and blurred vision.

How is No Touch Laser Operation Performed?

Before the no-touch laser eye surgery, several eye examinations should be conducted to assess the eye condition.

The non-invasive laser procedure takes place in the operating room with the patient fully conscious. The patient experiences no discomfort or pain throughout the operation, thanks to the application of anesthetic drops before the procedure. There is no physical contact with the eye during the procedure, ensuring maximum safety. The patient simply needs to focus on the green light emitted from the laser device. The procedure typically lasts 50-60 seconds.

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What Will Happen After No Touch Laser Surgery?

After undergoing no-touch laser surgery, you can return home or go back to your hotel. Your doctor will provide you with Ultra V goggles to shield your eyes, as well as a prescription for medication. It is normal to experience conditions such as stinging, sensitivity to light, itching, redness, and blurred vision, especially during the first 48 hours. However, with the medication prescribed by your doctor, you will be able to manage these conditions more comfortably. It may take up to one month for your vision to return to normal. Your post-operative follow-up appointment is scheduled for the third day after your laser surgery. Your ophthalmologist will provide you with all necessary information to ensure proper recovery.

No Touch Laser Price in Istanbul in Turkey

We offer non-invasive laser eye surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey with the assistance of our team at a price equivalent to those performed by specialist ophthalmologists using advanced technological methods at a private hospital.

You will need to provide information for no-touch laser surgery. International patients are advised to have their eye measurements taken in their home country. Our Specialist Ophthalmologists will assess these measurements and the patient’s symptoms to determine the most suitable eye treatment. Following this assessment, the patient will receive a clear estimate based on the chosen treatment.

No Touch Laser Surgery Package in Turkey

Clinic Health Beauty offers a comprehensive price package for no-touch laser surgery.

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