Six Pack Abs Surgery

Six Pack Abs Surgery

Six Pack Abs Surgery

Six pack is the aesthetic operation which we call six-pack abdominal muscle surgery. A fit physique, sleek body contours, and well-defined abs are desired by many men. While some prefer a more understated muscle look, others aim to develop prominent abdominal muscles and triangular body lines through regular gym sessions and a balanced diet. However, even with consistent efforts, some men may not attain their desired results. In such cases, a six-pack surgery can offer excellent results.

What is Six Pack Surgery?

Six-pack surgery is a procedure designed to enhance the visibility of your abdominal muscles. This utilizes Hi-Def technology, specifically the High Definition Vaser Liposuction technique, which highlights muscle lines, grooves, and shadows.

It’s essential to evaluate patients before six-pack surgery. Based on the requested health information such as height and weight, it’ll be determined if the surgery is appropriate. The procedure can be applied to both young and middle-aged males and females, depending on their skin quality.

Body mass index should be below 30
There should be no sagging skin, especially in the abdomen
Must be young and middle-aged
Six Pack Abs Surgery 2

How Six Pack Surgery is Performed?

We offer six-pack abdominal muscle surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, inclusive of a 5-night travel package. The surgery lasts approximately 3-4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Post-surgery, patients are observed in the hospital for 2 nights to warrant their safety and recovery.

The patient’s health checks are performed before surgery. Blood tests are performed and evaluated by the Anesthesiologist.

The Vaser Liposuction High Definition technique contours all muscles in six-pack surgery, achieving optimal precision. Excess fat in the back, waist, and abdomen is removed. To address the patient’s specific concerns, fat removal may also be performed in the chest region. The procedure not only includes liposuction but also sculpts and defines groin and abdominal muscles for an enhanced result.

After the surgery, the patient is provided with a back brace. Roughly four hours later, patients receive their dietary meal and then a nurse will assist them with their first walk.

It is normal to feel pain after a six-pack surgery. Your doctor will give you painkillers and antibiotics, and you should feel better by day 3.

After your six-pack surgery, you will have a urinary catheter and drains to remove dirty fluids. The urine bag can be removed the day after surgery. It takes 3-4 days for the drains to come out.

Six Pack Surgery Package Price

Six-pack surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. It is important to choose an experienced doctor. Many criteria such as the doctor and hospital where the six-pack surgery is performed, post-operative care support, hotel, transportation, medication and nursing services determine the price of the six-pack surgery.

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Six-pack surgery should be performed in an A-plus hospital with an intensive care unit. The post-operative care should be good.

The price of the scheduled six-pack surgery in Istanbul, Turkey and the services included are listed below. The total amount is 5700 dollars/pound.


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