FAQs After Liposuction

FAQs After Liposuction

FAQs After Liposuction

With liposuction, thin cannulas are inserted into the body to remove fat. These enter the skin through small holes. These holes heal over time and the scars begin to disappear over time.

A corset should be worn for 4 weeks after liposuction. You can choose a Colombian corset in the second week of the surgery. Colombian corset is a tighter and harder corset.

You should take some time for this. Your first week will be in Istanbul, Turkey. The next week you should rest at home. You can start work at the end of the second week. If your job is a job based on physical strength, you can postpone this a little longer.

It is normal. It is especially recommended to keep the drain holes open for the first 15 days. How to do this will be explained to you by the assistants. Keeping the drains open helps the fluid to come out. It allows the body to heal faster. It prevents the formation of seramo in the body.

Yes; you should. After liposuction surgery, you will have a lipo drainage massage at your hotel. After you go to your country, you should continue the lipo drainage massage for 10 days. Then you should start lipo massages.

Edema and swelling after liposuction start to decrease after 1 week. This period may take up to 1 year. But starting from the 3rd month, your change in the body starts to show up clearly. Plenty of water, walking and massage are recommended for your edema and swelling.

Yes; they do. Especially from the 10th day, your bruises start to decrease.

You can start walking from the 10th day after liposuction. Take short walks. Extend the distance and duration of the walk by listening to your body day by day. From the 15th day, do light waist exercises. If your body is having difficulty, postpone it for a while. Then try again. Start jogging as time progresses.

In liposuction surgery, fat cells are removed along with the fat. Therefore, it is difficult to regain fat in those areas. However, unbalanced nutrition and sedentary life will cause you to gain weight again.

Try not to have sex for 15 days after liposuction. Discuss this with your partner. Your drain holes are still open to infection.

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