Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Patients may seek dental aesthetics due to a number of reasons, including congenital dental issues, issues arising from medication or smoking, poor oral hygiene, or trauma to the teeth. These deformities can be either genetic or acquired. Dental aesthetics refers to treatments aimed at correcting various tooth deformities. Patients may seek dental aesthetics due to a number of reasons, including congenital dental issues, issues arising from medication or smoking, poor oral hygiene, or trauma to the teeth.

The clean, well-maintained, and white teeth appearance boosts our self-confidence in social, professional, and personal aspects of life. A pleasant smile can contribute positively, adding vibrancy to both your persona and social circle.

A dental aesthetic plan is customized to the patient’s needs, meaning that not every treatment plan will be identical. Below are some common treatment plans used in dental aesthetics.

Zirconium Veneer
Laminated Veneer
Hollywood Smile
Tooth Whitening

Dental cosmetic procedures in Istanbul, Turkey, are performed in state-of-the-art clinics utilizing Digital Dentistry and Technology. Patients from Europe, England, America, and all around the world receive fast treatment plans that guarantee outstanding results.

Dental Aesthetics in Turkey

Many patients come to us for dental aesthetic treatments in Istanbul, Turkey. The primary concerns include crooked, stained yellowed, or missing teeth. One of the most popular procedures is the Hollywood Smile, also known as Smile Aesthetics, which can address multiple dental issues simultaneously.

The dazzling, straight teeth we admire on screens, in movies, and on many celebrities exemplify smile aesthetics, namely the Hollywood smile treatment. Achieving great teeth is possible with a 4-5 day trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

Dental Aesthetics 2

Dental Aesthetics Organization in Istanbul, Turkey

Your teeth are crafted at a center in Istanbul using cutting-edge dental technology, situated among the top dental clinics in Turkey. Simultaneously, all branches of dentistry are handled at the center. The center offers comprehensive dental services, with specialists in prosthesis, implant, and dental aesthetics.

We request dental pictures and videos from patients seeking dental aesthetics, implants, or Hollywood smile procedures. We use this information to understand the patient’s complaints and expectations and then provide them with the most appropriate dental plan. Additionally, if possible, we recommend patients to have their dental x-rays (specifically panoramic x-rays) taken in their home country. These x-rays are reviewed by specialist dentists to identify any other issues in their jaw or tooth structure.

The patient’s dental treatment plan is created after evaluating all necessary information. Relevant details, including the duration of their stay in Istanbul, which treatments will be performed, how many teeth will be treated, hotel information, payment information, and airport transfer information, are then communicated to them in a clear and concise written contract.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, medical assistants will contact you to assist with your upcoming dental treatment. On the day of the treatment, your interpreter and medical assistant will oversee the entire process with you.

You can find the dentist’s work locations below, organized by area for easy reference.

Prosthodontics (Smile Aesthetics - Hollywood Smile)

Prosthodontics specializes in treating teeth for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The prosthodontist focuses on designing and treating the teeth to improve their appearance, functionality, and overall comfort. Specialized dental materials such as fillings, prostheses, veneers, implants, teeth whitening, zirconium, and laminates are utilized in the process.

Endodontics Specialty

Endodontics specializes in treating damage to dental pulp and surrounding tissues, with a particular focus on root canal treatment. Their expertise covers issues such as inflammation, hot and cold sensitivity, nerve vascular problems, tooth root impact, and facial swelling caused by dental issues.

Orthodontics Specialty

It is the specialized field of diagnosing and treating misaligned teeth and jaws. This involves employing specific treatment methods to address problems such as structural defects and spacing issues in the teeth or jawbone.

Periodontology Specialty

Implant treatment is a specialized field, particularly in maxillofacial surgery. This specialty involves the examination and treatment of the tissues encompassing the teeth, tooth roots, and bones.

Dental Veneers Price in Istanbul, Turkey

The cost of Hollywood Smile, Zirconium, Laminated, Implant, and teeth whitening treatments scheduled in Istanbul, Turkey, will be based on the patient’s requirements.

To ensure precise and transparent communication of dental aesthetic prices, patients are required to provide their dental images and complaints. Our team of specialist dentists assesses this information before conveying a clear and comprehensive price breakdown to patients.

Dental prices vary between clinics in Turkey. Factors affecting dental prices include the expertise of the dentist, use of advanced dental technology, experience and quality of the dental laboratory creating veneers, hotel amenities, transportation, and other services. These factors differ between clinics, leading to varying prices. As a result, lower-priced dental clinics may exist.

When selecting a dental clinic in Turkey, it is crucial to consider various factors. Therefore, we suggest choosing our clinic for your dental needs. It is recommended to prioritize experience and advanced technology to ensure high-quality and long-lasting dental aesthetics.

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