J Plasma

J Plasma (Skin Tightening) Turkey

J plasma is a technological method used for skin tightening in aesthetic and plastic surgery. It is recommended for patients with loose or sagging skin, including those who have undergone liposuction.

In 2024, Clinic Health Beauty, which combines aesthetic trends with advanced technology, recommends the J plasma method to patients for better results. The impressive outcomes achieved with J plasma demonstrate its effectiveness in the right patients.

How is J Plasma Operation Performed?

Consultation with Clinic Health Beauty doctors is required for J plasma operation. Not every patient is a suitable candidate for J plasma. People around the world have different body structures and skin types, which can be influenced by factors such as nutrition, genetics, habits, stress, and exercise. As a result, each patient’s skin and complexion may vary.

There are two ways to answer the question, ‘Am I suitable for J plasma?’

Patient Type 1 for J plasma

The patient’s skin is loose but not sagging, and no surgical procedure is necessary. Therefore, the patient does not require a tummy tuck, arm lift, or leg lift. Based on the doctor’s evaluation, J plasma can be performed on this type of patient.

Patient Type 2 for J plasma

The patient desires liposuction, but there is a risk of skin laxity after the procedure. Therefore, j plasma is recommended in conjunction with liposuction to tighten the skin at risk of loosening while removing excess fat.

J Plasma Stages

Before using J plasma to tighten the skin, fat is removed from the areas identified for liposuction using vaser liposuction. Thin cannulas are inserted under the skin to remove the fat.

After the liposuction procedure is complete, the J plasma stage begins. J plasma is applied using a separate device with superior technology. It is applied under the skin to tighten it, similar to liposuction.

J Plasma or Tummy Tuck?

J plasma and tummy tuck are two distinct surgical procedures. Some patients may prefer non-surgical options, such as J plasma. However, J plasma is not suitable for patients who require a tummy tuck.

J plasma can be used to treat loose or sagging skin, but it is not suitable for skin that is completely sagging or loose.

J Plasma 2024 Turkey Price

J plasma is typically used in conjunction with liposuction to treat areas such as the arms, legs, belly, jowls, and waist. To determine the cost of J plasma treatment at our Turkey clinic in 2024, the number of areas to be treated must first be established. The average price for J plasma treatment at Clinic Health Beauty Turkey in 2024 is between 700-850 euros. For more information, our health assistants will be happy to assist you. Our doctors will evaluate your pictures and videos during a free consultation.

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