Femto Lasik Eye Surgery (iLASIK)

Femto Lasik Eye Surgery (iLASIK)

Femto Lasik Eye Surgery (iLASIK)

Femto LASIK is a blade-free eye surgery that uses the latest technology to perform LASIK without side blades. To understand the Femto LASIK method, let’s first briefly discuss LASIK.

LASIK aims to correct the cornea and address visual defects by removing the corneal layers, known as a flap. This process traditionally employs a special knife for flap removal, which may cause complications. To counteract potential complications, the Femto LASIK or Femtosecond laser method, also referred to as iLASIK, has been developed.

iLASIK - What is Femto Lasik?

The femtosecond laser-guided LASIK procedure is utilized to attain a flawless flap with a sleek surface and edges. This can be achieved through the iLASIK or Femtolasic technique.

The Femto LASIK, also referred to as the iLASIK technique, produces a flap with 1-micron accuracy, leading to impeccable flap formation.

After the Femto LASIK procedure, the Excimer Laser is used to complete the operation. We recommend wearing sunglasses or protective glasses after the procedure, as it is normal to experience some stinging or mild pain in the eye. Your doctor may prescribe medication to alleviate these symptoms. The operation process concludes with a follow-up appointment scheduled for the day after the procedure.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes.

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What Are the Advantages of Femto Lasik (iLASIK)?

Who is Suitable for Femto Lasik?

Femto LASIK (iLASIK) is a surgical treatment for patients with refractive errors including hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia. It is highly recommended for patients with thin corneas.

Femto Lasik (iLASIK) Price in Turkey

We provide Femto Lasik surgeries in Turkey in a private hospital setting equipped with advanced technology. For pricing inquiries, contact us via WhatsApp or fill out our forms. We also offer free consultations, during which you will receive detailed information about the suitable method and technique based on your visual complaints and defects.

For the Femto Lasik (iLASIK) procedure in Turkey, a 3-day travel itinerary is adequate. Our comprehensive price package includes accommodation, the procedure itself, private transportation in Istanbul, medications, and a dedicated assistant who will guide you through the entire hospital process.

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