Tesla Contour – Get Rid of Body Fat Without Surgery

Tesla Contour – Get Rid of Body Fat Without Surgery

Tesla Contour - Get Rid of Body Fat Without Surgery

Many people, men and women alike, want to get rid of that stubborn fat that just won’t melt away. Especially the fat in areas like the belly, waist, legs, and arms, where we have regional adiposity problems, doesn’t melt easily. This new technology helps you get rid of your stubborn fat without surgery, anesthesia, or stitches.

This technology, which you can see 5 cm thinner in your belly in a single session, has a shock effect on the fat cells under the skin, causing them to break down. Tesla Contour technology allows you to get rid of your excess fat painlessly, without anesthesia, without a single hole in your body.

This may seem strange or even impossible when you first encounter it. But when you look at your measurements after the treatment, you’ll see the difference and be surprised.

Thermal Shock to Fats with Tesla Contour

This technology is all about regional slimming. It works by applying thermal shock to the fat tissues in the specified area. To explain it in simple terms, it’s heating the fat up to 30-40 degrees and then cooling it down between -5 and -8 degrees. This breaks down the fats and fat cells.

The average procedure time is 40 to 60 minutes.

Tesla Contour Benefits

This technology isn’t just about losing weight. Thermal shock activates the lymphatic system and gets rid of fat cells. The applied method causes the blood vessels to dilate, blood flow increases, hormones in the blood reach the fat cells and break them down. This reduces cellulite. It also tightens the skin.

  • Reduces regional fat
  • State-of-the-art thermography and thermal shock are applied to shape the body. It destroys fat cells in each session.
  • It is a non-surgical body shaping method.
  • You can return to your normal life the same day after the procedure.
  • It is not an interventional procedure in the body such as wound, incision, hole.
  • There is no general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
  • It can provide 4-6 cm thinning in 1 session.
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Provides skin tightening

How Many Sessions Needed?

During the first session of regional slimming with Tesla Contour, you can expect to lose between 4 and 6 cm. We’ll take measurements of the area to be melted. It’s a good idea to take another measurement 8 to 10 days after the procedure. You can do this yourself or ask one of our specialists in the clinic to help. We measure for 8 to 10 days because it takes 10 days for the broken down fats to be excreted through urine.

If you’re coming from abroad, you can either have a single session or two. The interval between each session is seven days.

If you want a single session of regional slimming, you should stay in Istanbul for two nights. If you want two sessions, you should stay in Istanbul for six nights and seven days. You can have six to seven sessions repeated.

Which Areas of the Body Tesla Contour is Applied to?

The Tesla Contour uses thermal shock to melt fat and shape the body. It’s applied to the abdomen, waist, arms, chest, legs, hips, and double chin.

Does it cause pain or suffering?

When we hear from patients who’ve had the procedure, we know that some experience a mild tingling sensation. Others say they don’t feel any pain. This is related to the patient’s skin structure and pain threshold. Each patient may have a different experience.

Regional Slimming Price With Tesla?

The price of regional thinning and regional fat melting with Tesla depends on how many areas you want to treat and how many sessions you want. First, our assistants will ask you a few questions. Then, if necessary, they’ll ask for your body pictures and video. These will be evaluated by experts and a plan will be created. You’ll get the plan and price information as soon as possible. The Tesla application performed in the clinic in Istanbul is enough for two nights in Istanbul. This package includes a hotel, VIP transfer between the airport-hotel-clinic, and post-operative lymph drainage massage. For patients who want two sessions, six nights, and seven days in Istanbul, the package includes a hotel, airport VIP transfer, and three lymph drainage massages.

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