FAQs Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

FAQs Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

FAQs Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, a tummy tuck leaves behind scars. These usually start to fade after about a year. The speed of this process depends on a number of factors, including the patient’s skin tone, the care they receive after the procedure, the experience of the doctor, whether they smoke, and the quality of their skin. Each patient’s healing process is unique.

Just like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved with a tummy tuck. These include infection, irregular scarring, embolism, bleeding, and risks related to anesthesia.

Clinic Health Beauty offers tummy tuck surgeries along with 360-degree liposuction. Liposuction is used to remove fat from the back, belly, and waist areas.

Tummy tuck surgery is planned according to the patient’s needs. The most common methods are the classic tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, tummy tuck with a 270-degree incision, tummy tuck with a 360-degree incision, and Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck.

You might have some mild discomfort after the tummy tuck surgery. This can vary from person to person. You’ll be given painkillers during your hospital stay. Once you’re discharged, your doctor will prescribe your pain medication.

If you have a body mass index of 30 or below, sagging abdominal skin, and no chronic diseases that would prevent surgery, you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

A 7-night Istanbul travel plan is made for tummy tuck surgery. 2-3 days are spent in the hospital and the other days are spent resting at the hotel.

Yes, you’ll have elbows after the surgery. These elbows will help the fluids in your body to come out. They’ll be removed on the third or fourth day of surgery.

Yes, the bladder will be attached when you leave the surgery. It’s usually removed the next day.

Absolutely. Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is asleep during the operation.

The length of time for a tummy tuck surgery depends on the method used. It usually takes about four to five hours.

It’s time to say goodbye to the postpartum breastfeeding period. After birth, your hormones should be back to normal. You can usually have a tummy tuck surgery about eight to ten months after you stop breastfeeding.

You can combine operations like arm lifts, leg lifts, breast aesthetics, BBL, and genital aesthetics with a tummy tuck surgery.

When you’re going in for a tummy tuck, make sure to pack some loose clothes that you can easily slip on and off in your suitcase. Don’t forget your slippers. If you can, take a nightgown-style outfit that you can tie in front.

Some blood tests are done before tummy tuck surgery. Your blood level is measured. After the operation, your blood level is checked periodically. If there is a risky drop in your blood level, a blood transfusion may be performed.

Before your tummy tuck surgery, we’ll run a few tests to make sure you’re in good shape. We’ll check your blood group, hemoglobin level, hepatitis tests, infectious diseases, liver function tests, and bleeding coagulation tests. You’ll also have a chest X-ray. An anesthesiologist will check you out.

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