Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik surgery is a refractive surgical procedure that enables patients with eye problems requiring glasses or contact lenses to live without them.

Lasik surgery employs laser beams to restore the function of the cornea and lens of the eye, with the goal of resolving any issues. Also referred to as eye reshaping surgery, which is a precise and effective operation.

For Which Eye Disorders Is Lasik Surgery Performed?

Lasik surgery corrects myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism in patients.

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a visual impairment that causes objects in the distance to appear blurry and unclear, while nearby objects can be seen clearly.

Light entering a healthy eye is refracted by the retina and lens, enabling perfect vision. When myopia occurs, disruption of the cornea and lens structure causes a vision impairment. The eyes of people with myopia have an excessively curved eyeball that deviates from the normal shape.

Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is a condition where faraway objects appear clear while nearby objects are blurry and unclear. This impairment occurs when the cornea is shorter and flatter than usual.

Astigmatism results in blurred vision due to the abnormal curvature of the eye’s lens. It is commonly present from birth but can also arise from eye injuries.

Lasik Eye Surgery 2

Who Can Have Lasik Eye Surgery?

Certain prerequisites must be met by a patient before undergoing Lasik eye surgery.

Controls Before Lasik Surgery

Our assistants request information from patients seeking Lasik and other eye surgeries. Consultations for patients from abroad are done with particular care. We ask for the most recent eye control measurement values from their home country, as well as information on their complaints, medical history, medications, and use of glasses or contact lenses.

All information provided is assessed by our expert ophthalmologists and used to create a surgical plan. Patients are informed of the technique recommended and the subsequent steps in accordance with the physician’s findings.

On the day of the operation, your ophthalmology specialist will conduct some tests and choose the definitive surgical method.

Price of Lasik Eye Surgery in Turkey

We provide Lasik eye surgeries in Turkey at a private hospital facility with advanced technology. Contact us through WhatsApp or our forms for Lasik pricing. Receive a free consultation and obtain detailed information about the appropriate procedure and technique by sharing your visual defects and complaints with us.

A three-day itinerary is enough for undergoing Lasik surgery in Turkey. The price package for Lasik surgery covers accommodation, surgery, private transportation within Istanbul, medication, and a personal assistant who will accompany you throughout your hospital procedures.

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