Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Implants Turkey

Dental implant treatment is a method used to replace one or more missing teeth. Our dental clinic in Turkey employs expert dentists who use superior dental technology and world-renowned implant brands.

Missing teeth or teeth that fall out can cause a loss of self-confidence and difficulty chewing food. Patients with missing teeth often feel self-conscious and avoid laughing or showing their teeth in social and professional settings. Some patients even report forgetting how to laugh because of their missing teeth.

Dental Implant Treatment Start-up Phase in Turkey

To begin dental implant treatment, patients should communicate with Clinic Health Beauty assistants. During this communication, patients will be asked to provide dental photos. Below is an image of the dental photos we request from patients.

We request that patients take a photo with their teeth closed and smiling. Subsequently, they should send photos of their upper and lower palate, as well as an open-mouthed photo with their teeth visible.

The second stage requires patients to have a dental x-ray and send the image via WhatsApp. A panoramic x-ray is an imaging examination that clearly shows the condition of your tooth roots and gum health. This allows for easy evaluation before your arrival in Turkey.

Getting dental x-rays taken can be problematic in certain countries. The Clinic will take care of your dental x-rays.

At the third stage, we will listen to your complaints and expectations.

Aesthetic dentists evaluate all of this information and prepare an implant treatment plan. The plan, along with fee and organization details, is then communicated to the patient.

Implant Plan and Implementation Stages

The top priority for dental implants is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the patient’s dental and oral health. This evaluation is carefully planned and carried out in Istanbul, Turkey. Failure to do so may result in future complications.

We will now list the stages of the implant procedure one by one.

Dental Implants Turkey

What is the best dental implant brand for 2024?

Dentists worldwide use dental implant brands produced in various countries. To determine the best dental implant for 2024, consider your dentist’s preference and experience. This document explains the world-famous and well-known brands of dental implants.

NTA Implant - Switzerland

NTA implants have been producing dental implants for over 35 years from their base in Switzerland. They are a preferred brand among dentists and have production partnerships in America, South Korea, and France. NTA implants operate using flawless surface treatment technology.

Straumann Implant - Switzerland

Straumann, a well-known and preferred implant brand among doctors, has been manufacturing implants for many years.

Nobel Implant - Switzerland

Nobel Implant is a manufacturer of dental implants and prosthetics based in Switzerland. It is a widely recognized and popular brand.

Osstem Implant - South Korea

Osstem Implant is a South Korean implant manufacturer and a well-known brand in the dental implant industry due to its advanced research and successful outcomes.

Bego Implant - Germany

Bego Implant Germany has been in the implant market for many years.

Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Implant Prices 2024 Istanbul, Turkey

When seeking dental implants, patients should prioritize finding an experienced dentist and specialized dental clinic. It is also important to research the prices of implants at the chosen clinics. At Clinic Health Beauty, we want to provide information on dental implant prices in 2024.

Experienced dentists at our Istanbul-based center, recognized as the best dental clinic in the city, perform dental implant treatments.

Our dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey offers Swiss brand implants for 600 GBP, USD, or EUR. Starting in 2024, all patient treatments will be planned at these prices. This price includes the application of a zirconium-lamine coating after the implant.

Numerous brands worldwide manufacture dental implants using titanium as the primary material. Although all implants are made of titanium, their quality can vary significantly. Therefore, it is inaccurate to claim that all implant brands are of high quality, and prices can vary accordingly.

The following factors determine 2024 dental implant prices:

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey?

The amount that insurance will cover for implant treatment in Turkey depends on the insurance coverage. Dental implants are covered in European Union countries. For patients from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands who come to our clinic, the dental implant plan is as follows.

Insurance policies in the UK, USA, Australia and other different countries may have varying payment terms. It is recommended to have a detailed discussion with your insurance company before beginning implant treatment.

Insurance companies may cover a portion of dental implant treatment, such as 50%, or not cover it at all. It is important to check if your private health insurance includes dental coverage. Discuss the details with your insurance company.

Istanbul, Turkey Contents of Dental Implant Package 2024

We provide implant treatment services in Istanbul, Turkey. Below, we have outlined the services available to patients at our dental clinic.

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