FAQs Before Liposuction

FAQs Before Liposuction

FAQs Before Liposuction

For liposuction surgery to be successful, the body mass index (BMI) must be 30 and below 30.

A 6 nights and 7 days trip to Istanbul is planned for liposuction.

You will stay in the hospital for 2 days. The other days you will rest at your hotel.

In the liposuction surgery, elbows are inserted to expel the edema and fluids accumulated in the body. These elbows are removed on the 3rd or 4th day of the surgery, as the case may be.

Yes; the urinary catheter will be attached when you leave the surgery. It is removed the next day with the doctor’s instruction.

Yes; your blood tests are done. A chest x-ray is taken. A consultation with the anesthesiologist is provided.

You may have pain after liposuction. These are similar to muscle pains after sports. You will be treated with painkillers after the operation. Everyone’s pain threshold may be different. While some patients say that they have no pain at all, some patients may say that their pain is too much.

A doctor’s assessment is very important before liposuction. The experienced doctor warns patients who may have sagging skin after liposuction. Sometimes he may recommend a tummy tuck. Sometimes the skin may need to be tightened with the new technology J plasma.

Like every aesthetic operation, liposuction surgery has risks. Bleeding, embolism, risks related to anesthesia, inflammation are some of them.

Heart patients are risky for liposuction. A detailed doctor’s report should be prepared for this. Your cardiologist must authorize this.

Blood thinners should be stopped at least 10-15 days before liposuction. Birth control medications should be stopped 15 days in advance.

360 degree liposuction is a method of shaping the upper body. Back, belly and waist fats are removed with Vaser liposuction. A symmetrical body is obtained.

Yes. This is called BBL, that is, brazilian butt lift. The fat taken is used to shape the butt after a special process.

The patient’s blood tests are performed before liposuction. In this test, the hemoglobin level is learned. If there is an excessive decrease in hemoglobin level after the surgery, the patient may be given blood supplements.

The duration of liposuction surgery may vary depending on the patient’s fat ratio and the number of areas to be removed. It may take between 2-4 hours.

When going to liposuction surgery, choose easy-to-wear and comfortable clothes. Bring your slippers. Take spare underwear.

The 360-degree liposuction package includes vaser liposuction (back, belly, waist), 2 nights hospital, 4 nights hotel (including double room and breakfast), VIP transfer between airport-hotel-hospital, preoperative blood tests, anesthesia examination, body corset, medications you need to use after surgery, nurse controls at the hotel, lipo drainage massage at the hotel, postoperative doctor control, medical supplies you need to use after surgery.

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