Attention Those Who Want to Have Liposuction and BBL Surgery!


Attention Those Who Want to Have Liposuction and BBL Surgery!

Liposuction and BBL are among the most common trendy plastic surgery procedures in Turkey. The before and after pictures and videos that we come across on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and many social media accounts are wonderful changes that leave us amazed… These changes that seem like a miracle and are so easy to share are actually not as easy as you think.

Liposuction and BBL procedures can be different in every hospital and every plastic surgeon. In fact, following the changes in the aesthetic world, technological innovations, presenting these innovations to patients, creating wonders with new aesthetic trends is not something that every doctor and every hospital does. In BBL and liposuction operations, we can say that it is best to make the patient’s comfort and the whole process that the patient will experience in a reliable hospital environment and in the hands of experienced and skilled plastic surgeons using superior technology.

Your Health is the Most Important

We know very well from the experiences of our other patients that making changes in your life and body, experiencing a new beginning, getting rid of deformities in your body and getting the body you dream of is exciting. It is very important for us to remind you that this excitement and desire for change is not more important than your health.

Clinic Health Beauty wants to say that it is determined to tell patients that they should keep their health in the first place. One of the reasons why we say this is because of your requirements. Because for a patient to undergo liposuction or BBL surgery, he or she must be ready both in health and psychological terms. The patient’s desire for change can sometimes cause them to ignore these preparations.

So how should you prepare for BBL and liposuction?

  • Your body must be at the ideal weight for liposuction and BBL.

    It is very important that your BMI is between 30 and the upper limit of 31. There are two reasons for this. First, it is risky for your health. Patients with weight problems have an increased risk of embolism and thrombosis. There may be problems with the healing process. Anesthesia-related problems may occur during surgery. Second, surgery carries a risk for your outcome. It is especially important that you are at the ideal weight for your liposuction and BBL results to be flawless. Your body needs to be sculpted, your buttocks should be protruding from your body, your body contours should be visible, and your weight should be appropriate for your BMI.

  • Tell your doctor about any medical conditions you have.

    While liposuction and BBL patients want to get the body they want and dream of, they need to tell the doctor or clinic about the health problems they have. Especially heart patients, blood pressure patients, thyroid patients, patients with blood diseases, HIV positive patients, patients with mental diseases are obliged to disclose these problems. Some patients may try to hide these diseases because of the risk of their surgery being canceled. This may cause bigger problems.

    Remember that you will have some blood tests before surgery. High levels in these blood tests may cause your surgery to be canceled. In this case, you will lose both time and money.

  • Research your doctor and hospital well

    Patients who want liposuction need to research the doctor and hospital they will be going to well. They should make sure that the hospital has an intensive care unit. It is important that the hospital has an emergency room. It is necessary to have a team and equipment to intervene in the hospital in case of a possible problem by evaluating all the risks. Some liposuction patients who undergo liposuction in a clinic or office may have major problems. In this case, the patient is taken by ambulance to a fully equipped hospital with an intensive care unit and emergency room. Unfortunately, the chaos, stress, and possible bad results can be sad.

    You should make sure that your cosmetic and plastic surgery doctor is experienced and knowledgeable. The doctor must evaluate all the health values, photos and videos of the patient before the surgery and approve the surgery. Unfortunately, we see that there are big problems in this regard. We can see that the doctor comes to the surgery with the approval of his assistants without knowing the patient’s background and without listening to the patient’s complaints.

  • Ask why liposuction and BBL surgery is cheaper at some hospitals and doctors

    Liposuction and BBL prices in Turkey can be different in each clinic and each doctor. One of the reasons is that you should ask if the surgery will be done in a hospital or in a clinic. Because there is a price difference between liposuction performed under sedation and liposuction performed under general anesthesia. The price of an experienced doctor’s fee is different. There is a price difference between a hospital that has a fully equipped intensive care unit and a hospital that does not.

  • Prepare yourself psychologically

    You need to prepare yourself psychologically for liposuction and BBL surgery. Sometimes patients decide to have this surgery when they are not feeling well. They may think that this change will be psychologically good for them. Do not have this surgery because of the insistence of your friends, spouse or family or because of the negative words they say about your physical features. This should be entirely at your request.

BBL and Liposuction Can Be Painful

The process of liposuction and BBL surgery may vary from patient to patient. This may be due to the patient, the doctor or the hospital. It may vary with the amount of fat removed, the care process of the hospital and the technique used by the doctor.

You may experience pain, especially in the first two days. In other words, the changes you see on Instagram or Youtube are not immediately painless. This change process will be different depending on the patient’s pain level. You need to know the process in detail.

2024 Liposuction and BBL Price in Turkey

Contact our assistants for 2024 liposuction and BBL price. You can easily learn all the details and contents of the surgery package. Patient evaluation is free before liposuction and BBL prices. All information will be requested from you in about 15 minutes. This information will be evaluated by the plastic surgeon and the most appropriate surgical plan will be prepared for you.

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