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Video Reviews

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Clinic Health Beauty patients’ experiences and transformations will be shared through patient-approved videos.

Our platform offers a wide range of surgical videos, including liposuction, BBL, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, hair transplantation, and obesity surgery.

At Clinic Health Beauty in Istanbul, Turkey, we confidently blend modern technology with the latest aesthetic trends of 2024. Our goal is to provide patients from all over the world with a transformative experience that brings them happiness.

At A Plus Hospital, we are expanding our staff to ensure that you receive services from specialized physicians and experienced health personnel flawlessly.

In 2024, Clinic Health Beauty confidently provides expert services in aesthetic surgery, obesity surgery, hair transplant procedures, dental aesthetics, and female plastic surgery, with a team of highly experienced surgeons and specialists.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Turkey, Clinic Health Beauty’s health assistants will confidently guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Watch videos of patients’ experiences and the changes they underwent, showcasing various aesthetic surgeries such as tummy tucks, liposuction, BBL, and breast augmentation, as well as dental procedures like Hollywood smile, Zirconium, and Lamine, obesity surgeries, and hair transplants.

Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) @Clinichealthbeauty İstanbul Turkey Arm Lift Surgery, Or Brachioplasty, Is A Cosmetic Procedure That Enhances The Appearance Of The Arms. Consistent Use Of Metrics And Units, Precise Vocabulary, And Unambiguous Language Make This Text Grammatically Correct And Easy To Understand. It Is Commonly Sought After By Female Patients As It Can Help Address Both Physical And Psychological Concerns Related To The Appearance Of Their Arms. Here, You’ll Find Information On Arm Lift Surgery, Including How The Procedure Is Performed, Who Is A Suitable Candidate, Why Skin On The Arms Sags, Pre-Surgery Checks And Procedures, What The Process Involves Before And After Surgery, And The Cost Of Arm Lift Surgery In Istanbul, Turkey. Why Do Arms Sag? Sagging Arms Can Have Multiple Causes, Both Psychological And Physical.the Following Are Among The Factors That Can Contribute To Arm Sagging. With Age, Collagen In The Skin Decreases, Leading To Sagging Arms. Due To Genetic Factors, The Structure Of Your Skin May Contribute To Sagging Of The Arms. Weight Fluctuations Can Lead To Sagging In Certain Areas Of The Body. Sagging In The Arms Can Occur After Stomach Reduction Surgeries. After Weight Loss Surgery, Sagging May Occur Not Only In The Arms, But Also In The Abdomen And Legs. In These Instances, A Combined Body Aesthetic Procedure May Be Performed. It Is Important To Consult With Experienced Plastic Surgeons In Order To Receive The Best Results. Detailed Discussions Regarding The Procedure Should Be Carried Out. Sagging Arms Negatively Impact Women’s Social Lives, Contributing To Challenges With Choosing Special Occasion And Evening Wear, Discomfort With Short-Sleeved Clothing, And Unease At The Beach Or Pool. Doctor Interview Before Arm Lift Surgery Arm Lift Surgery Should Be Planned With An Experienced Plastic Surgeon Who Specializes In Aesthetic Procedures. The Suitability Of A Patient For The Procedure Is Determined By The Degree Of Arm Sagging And The Amount Of Fat Present In The Arms. For Arm Lift Surgery, It’s Crucial To Provide Your Doctor With Photos And Videos Of Your Arms To Evaluate. Additionally, Medical Assistants Require Some Information As Part Of The Preoperative Evaluation. Height - Weight Age Chronic Diseases Medicines You Use Surgeries You Have Undergone Smoking And Alcohol Use Did You Give Birth? Do You Have Allergies? Your Expectations From The Surgery This Information, Along With Photographs And Videos, Is Necessary For An Arm Lift Surgery. A Thorough Evaluation Will Be Conducted By Your Physician To Assess Your Eligibility For The Procedure. Istanbul, Turkey Arm Lift Surgery Plan Clinic Health Beauty Organizes A Total Of 6 Days Travel Plan For Arm Lift Surgery. Patients Are Informed In Writing About The Travel Plan, The Procedure, The Details Of The Operation, The Hospital Stay, The Check-Ups And The Post-Operation Process. 1-2 Nights Hospital 4 Nights Hotel Preoperative Information Things To Do Before Surgery Airport Vip Welcome Plan Surgical Technique And Operation Details Information About The Assistant Who Will Accompany You To The Hospital Things To Do After Surgery Providing Information On Control Processes Planning The Private Nursing Process In A Hotel Providing Payment Plan And Contract Information Providing Hotel Information Whatsapp İstanbul Turkey +905397103855

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the arms. Consistent use of metrics and units, precise vocabulary, and unambiguous language make this text grammatically correct and easy to understand. It is commonly sought after by female patients as it can help address both physical and psychological concerns related to the appearance of their arms.

Here, you’ll find information on arm lift surgery, including how the procedure is performed, who is a suitable candidate, why skin on the arms sags, pre-surgery checks and procedures, what the process involves before and after surgery, and the cost of arm lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sagging arms can have multiple causes, both psychological and physical.The following are among the factors that can contribute to arm sagging.
With age, collagen in the skin decreases, leading to sagging arms.
Due to genetic factors, the structure of your skin may contribute to sagging of the arms.
Weight fluctuations can lead to sagging in certain areas of the body.
Sagging in the arms can occur after stomach reduction surgeries.
After weight loss surgery, sagging may occur not only in the arms, but also in the abdomen and legs. In these instances, a combined body aesthetic procedure may be performed. It is important to consult with experienced plastic surgeons in order to receive the best results. Detailed discussions regarding the procedure should be carried out.

Sagging arms negatively impact women’s social lives, contributing to challenges with choosing special occasion and evening wear, discomfort with short-sleeved clothing, and unease at the beach or pool.
Arm lift surgery should be planned with an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic procedures. The suitability of a patient for the procedure is determined by the degree of arm sagging and the amount of fat present in the arms.

For arm lift surgery, it’s crucial to provide your doctor with photos and videos of your arms to evaluate. Additionally, medical assistants require some information as part of the preoperative evaluation.

This information, along with photographs and videos, is necessary for an arm lift surgery. A thorough evaluation will be conducted by your physician to assess your eligibility for the procedure.

Clinic Health Beauty organizes a total of 6 days travel plan for arm lift surgery.

Patients are informed in writing about the travel plan, the procedure, the details of the operation, the hospital stay, the check-ups and the post-operation process.


İstanbul Turkey

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Tesla Contour - Get Rid Of Body Fat Without Surgery Istanbul Turkey @Clinichealthbeauty Many People, Men And Women Alike, Want To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat That Just Won’t Melt Away. Especially The Fat In Areas Like The Belly, Waist, Legs, And Arms, Where We Have Regional Adiposity Problems, Doesn’t Melt Easily. This New Technology Helps You Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Fat Without Surgery, Anesthesia, Or Stitches. This Technology, Which You Can See 5 Cm Thinner In Your Belly In A Single Session, Has A Shock Effect On The Fat Cells Under The Skin, Causing Them To Break Down. Tesla Contour Technology Allows You To Get Rid Of Your Excess Fat Painlessly, Without Anesthesia, Without A Single Hole In Your Body. This May Seem Strange Or Even Impossible When You First Encounter It. But When You Look At Your Measurements After The Treatment, You’ll See The Difference And Be Surprised. Thermal Shock To Fats With Tesla Contour This Technology Is All About Regional Slimming. It Works By Applying Thermal Shock To The Fat Tissues In The Specified Area. To Explain It In Simple Terms, It’s Heating The Fat Up To 30-40 Degrees And Then Cooling It Down Between -5 And -8 Degrees. This Breaks Down The Fats And Fat Cells. The Average Procedure Time Is 40 To 60 Minutes. Tesla Contour Benefits This Technology Isn’t Just About Losing Weight. Thermal Shock Activates The Lymphatic System And Gets Rid Of Fat Cells. The Applied Method Causes The Blood Vessels To Dilate, Blood Flow Increases, Hormones In The Blood Reach The Fat Cells And Break Them Down. This Reduces Cellulite. It Also Tightens The Skin. Reduces Regional Fat State-Of-The-Art Thermography And Thermal Shock Are Applied To Shape The Body. It Destroys Fat Cells In Each Session. It Is A Non-Surgical Body Shaping Method. You Can Return To Your Normal Life The Same Day After The Procedure. It Is Not An Interventional Procedure In The Body Such As Wound, Incision, Hole. There Is No General Anesthesia Or Local Anesthesia. It Can Provide 4-6 Cm Thinning In 1 Session. Rejuvenates The Skin Provides Skin Tightening How Many Sessions Needed? During The First Session Of Regional Slimming With Tesla Contour, You Can Expect To Lose Between 4 And 6 Cm. We’ll Take Measurements Of The Area To Be Melted. It’s A Good Idea To Take Another Measurement 8 To 10 Days After The Procedure. You Can Do This Yourself Or Ask One Of Our Specialists In The Clinic To Help. We Measure For 8 To 10 Days Because It Takes 10 Days For The Broken Down Fats To Be Excreted Through Urine. If You’re Coming From Abroad, You Can Either Have A Single Session Or Two. The Interval Between Each Session Is Seven Days. If You Want A Single Session Of Regional Slimming, You Should Stay In Istanbul For Two Nights. If You Want Two Sessions, You Should Stay In Istanbul For Six Nights And Seven Days. You Can Have Six To Seven Sessions Repeated. Which Areas Of The Body Tesla Contour Is Applied To? The Tesla Contour Uses Thermal Shock To Melt Fat And Shape The Body. It’s Applied To The Abdomen, Waist, Arms, Chest, Legs, Hips, And Double Chin. Does It Cause Pain Or Suffering? When We Hear From Patients Who’ve Had The Procedure, We Know That Some Experience A Mild Tingling Sensation. Others Say They Don’t Feel Any Pain. This Is Related To The Patient’s Skin Structure And Pain Threshold. Each Patient May Have A Different Experience. Regional Slimming Price With Tesla? The Price Of Regional Thinning And Regional Fat Melting With Tesla Depends On How Many Areas You Want To Treat And How Many Sessions You Want. First, Our Assistants Will Ask You A Few Questions. Then, If Necessary, They’ll Ask For Your Body Pictures And Video. These Will Be Evaluated By Experts And A Plan Will Be Created. You’ll Get The Plan And Price Information As Soon As Possible. The Tesla Application Performed In The Clinic In Istanbul Is Enough For Two Nights In Istanbul. This Package Includes A Hotel, Vip Transfer Between The Airport-Hotel-Clinic, And Post-Operative Lymph Drainage Massage. For Patients Who Want Two Sessions, Six Nights, And Seven Days In Istanbul, The Package Includes A Hotel, Airport Vip Transfer, And Three Lymph Drainage Massages.

Istanbul Turkey
Many people, men and women alike, want to get rid of that stubborn fat that just won’t melt away. Especially the fat in areas like the belly, waist, legs, and arms, where we have regional adiposity problems, doesn’t melt easily. This new technology helps you get rid of your stubborn fat without surgery, anesthesia, or stitches.

This technology, which you can see 5 cm thinner in your belly in a single session, has a shock effect on the fat cells under the skin, causing them to break down. Tesla Contour technology allows you to get rid of your excess fat painlessly, without anesthesia, without a single hole in your body.

This may seem strange or even impossible when you first encounter it. But when you look at your measurements after the treatment, you’ll see the difference and be surprised.

This technology is all about regional slimming. It works by applying thermal shock to the fat tissues in the specified area. To explain it in simple terms, it’s heating the fat up to 30-40 degrees and then cooling it down between -5 and -8 degrees. This breaks down the fats and fat cells.

The average procedure time is 40 to 60 minutes.

This technology isn’t just about losing weight. Thermal shock activates the lymphatic system and gets rid of fat cells. The applied method causes the blood vessels to dilate, blood flow increases, hormones in the blood reach the fat cells and break them down. This reduces cellulite. It also tightens the skin.

Reduces regional fat
State-of-the-art thermography and thermal shock are applied to shape the body. It destroys fat cells in each session.
It is a non-surgical body shaping method.
You can return to your normal life the same day after the procedure.
It is not an interventional procedure in the body such as wound, incision, hole.
There is no general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
It can provide 4-6 cm thinning in 1 session.
Rejuvenates the skin
Provides skin tightening

During the first session of regional slimming with Tesla Contour, you can expect to lose between 4 and 6 cm. We’ll take measurements of the area to be melted. It’s a good idea to take another measurement 8 to 10 days after the procedure. You can do this yourself or ask one of our specialists in the clinic to help. We measure for 8 to 10 days because it takes 10 days for the broken down fats to be excreted through urine.

If you’re coming from abroad, you can either have a single session or two. The interval between each session is seven days.

If you want a single session of regional slimming, you should stay in Istanbul for two nights. If you want two sessions, you should stay in Istanbul for six nights and seven days. You can have six to seven sessions repeated.

The Tesla Contour uses thermal shock to melt fat and shape the body. It’s applied to the abdomen, waist, arms, chest, legs, hips, and double chin.

When we hear from patients who’ve had the procedure, we know that some experience a mild tingling sensation. Others say they don’t feel any pain. This is related to the patient’s skin structure and pain threshold. Each patient may have a different experience.

The price of regional thinning and regional fat melting with Tesla depends on how many areas you want to treat and how many sessions you want. First, our assistants will ask you a few questions. Then, if necessary, they’ll ask for your body pictures and video. These will be evaluated by experts and a plan will be created. You’ll get the plan and price information as soon as possible. The Tesla application performed in the clinic in Istanbul is enough for two nights in Istanbul. This package includes a hotel, VIP transfer between the airport-hotel-clinic, and post-operative lymph drainage massage. For patients who want two sessions, six nights, and seven days in Istanbul, the package includes a hotel, airport VIP transfer, and three lymph drainage massages.

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Clinic Health Beauty 22 hours ago

Meet Our Expert Female Plastic Surgeons @Clinichealthbeauty İstanbul-Turkey Welcome To Clinic Health Beauty, Your Trusted Partner In Health Tourism And Aesthetic Excellence. When It Comes To Enhancing Your Natural Beauty, Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon Is Crucial. Our Team Of Highly Skilled Female Plastic Surgeons Is Dedicated To Providing Top-Notch Services, Ensuring That Every Patient Receives The Personalized Care And Attention They Deserve. Whether You Are Considering A Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Or Facelift, Our Expert Surgeons Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals In The Safest And Most Comfortable Environment Possible. Get Free Consultation Whatsapp About Our Female Plastic Surgeons At Clinic Health Beauty, We Are Proud To Have A Team Of Exceptionally Skilled And Experienced Female Plastic Surgeons. Our Surgeons Are Not Only Highly Qualified But Also Bring A Compassionate And Patient-Centered Approach To Their Practice. Qualifications And Expertise: Our Female Plastic Surgeons Are Leaders In Their Field, Holding Advanced Degrees And Certifications From Prestigious Medical Institutions. They Have Undergone Extensive Training In Various Aspects Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, Ensuring They Are Well-Equipped To Handle Even The Most Complex Procedures. Patient-Centered Care: What Truly Sets Our Surgeons Apart Is Their Commitment To Patient Care. They Understand That Undergoing Plastic Surgery Is A Significant Decision, And They Strive To Make The Experience As Smooth And Stress-Free As Possible. From The Initial Consultation To The Postoperative Follow-Up, Our Surgeons Are Dedicated To Providing Support And Guidance Every Step Of The Way. Innovative Techniques: Our Team Stays At The Forefront Of The Latest Advancements In Plastic Surgery. They Regularly Attend International Conferences And Participate In Continuous Education To Incorporate Cutting-Edge Techniques And Technologies Into Their Practice. This Dedication To Innovation Ensures That Our Patients Receive The Best Possible Outcomes With The Most Advanced Methods Available. Personalized Consultations: Understanding That Each Patient Has Unique Goals And Concerns, Our Surgeons Take The Time To Conduct Thorough And Personalized Consultations. They Listen Carefully To Your Desires And Work Collaboratively To Develop A Customized Treatment Plan That Aligns With Your Aesthetic Objectives And Health Needs. Commitment To Excellence: At Clinic Health Beauty, Excellence Is Not Just A Goal But A Standard. Our Female Plastic Surgeons Are Committed To Achieving The Highest Levels Of Patient Satisfaction By Delivering Exceptional Results That Enhance Your Natural Beauty And Boost Your Confidence.

Welcome to Clinic Health Beauty, your trusted partner in health tourism and aesthetic excellence. When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial. Our team of highly skilled female plastic surgeons is dedicated to providing top-notch services, ensuring that every patient receives the personalized care and attention they deserve. Whether you are considering a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or facelift, our expert surgeons are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in the safest and most comfortable environment possible.

At Clinic Health Beauty, we are proud to have a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced female plastic surgeons. Our surgeons are not only highly qualified but also bring a compassionate and patient-centered approach to their practice.

Qualifications and Expertise:

Our female plastic surgeons are leaders in their field, holding advanced degrees and certifications from prestigious medical institutions. They have undergone extensive training in various aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle even the most complex procedures.

Patient-Centered Care:

What truly sets our surgeons apart is their commitment to patient care. They understand that undergoing plastic surgery is a significant decision, and they strive to make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. From the initial consultation to the postoperative follow-up, our surgeons are dedicated to providing support and guidance every step of the way.

Innovative Techniques:

Our team stays at the forefront of the latest advancements in plastic surgery. They regularly attend international conferences and participate in continuous education to incorporate cutting-edge techniques and technologies into their practice. This dedication to innovation ensures that our patients receive the best possible outcomes with the most advanced methods available.

Personalized Consultations:

Understanding that each patient has unique goals and concerns, our surgeons take the time to conduct thorough and personalized consultations. They listen carefully to your desires and work collaboratively to develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic objectives and health needs.

Commitment to Excellence:

At Clinic Health Beauty, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. Our female plastic surgeons are committed to achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction by delivering exceptional results that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

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Clinic Health Beauty May 27, 2024 08:39

Bbl, Karın Germe Ve Liposuction Ameliyatı Sonrası Hastalarda Oluşan Sıvı Birikintisinin Daha Rahat Dışarı Atılması Için Hastanın Vücudunun Bazı Bölgelerine Direnler Takılmaktadır. Bu Drenler Kontrol Altında Tutularak Ameliyattan 2 Ya Da 3 Gün Sonra Çıkarılması Planlanır. Lipo Masajlarını Genellikle Drenler Çekildikten Sonra Planlamaktayız. Clinic Health Beauty Masörü Otel Odanızda Masaj Masasında Lipo Drenaj Masajını Gerçekleştirir. Bu Masajın Yatakta Yapılmasını Çok Profesyonel Bulmamaktayız. Yatakta Yapılan Masajın Hijyen Açısından Sorun Yaratabileceği Düşüncesindeyiz. Aynı Zamanda Masörün Hastaya Uygun Pozisyonları Sağlaması Ve Kendisinin Rahat Çalışması Için Masajların Masaj Masasında Yapılması Gerektiğini Savunmaktayız. Liposuction Drenaj Masajı Yaklaşık 1-1,5 Saat Sürmektedir. Clinic Health Beauty Ekibi Masajı Tamamladıktan Sonra Hastanın Yara Bakımını Yapar. Pansumanlarını Yeniler. Korsesini Giydirir. Ekstra Liposuction Drenaj Masaj Fiyatı Clinic Health Beauty Operasyon Ücreti Içinde Her Hastasına 1 Lipo Drenaj Masajını Ücretsiz Olarak Vermektedir. Bbl, Liposuction Ve Karın Germe Ameliyatları Için Hastalarımızın İstanbul Türkiyede Kaldıkları Gün Sayısı Ortalama 6-7 Gündür. Genellikle Lipo Drenaj Masajı Son Gün Gerçekleştirilir. Hastalarımız Bazen Ekstra Masaj Talep Edebilirler. Bu Gibi Durumda Ekstra Lipo Drenaj Ücreti 60-70 Euro Arasındadır. Kendi Hastalarınız Dışında İstanbul’da Başka Kliniklerde Ameliyat Olan Hastalardan Lipo Drenaj Masaj Talepleri Gelmektedir. Bunun Için Asistanlarımızla Iletişime Geçebilirler. Lokasyon Ve Kaç Adet Masaj Istediklerine Bağlı Olarak Liposuction Drenaj Masaj Ücreti Belirlenir.. Following Bbl, Tummy Tuck, And Liposuction Surgery, Drains Are Placed In Certain Areas Of The Patient’s Body To Facilitate The Removal Of Fluid Buildup. These Drains Are Monitored And Typically Removed 2-3 Days Post-Surgery. Lymphatic Massages Are Typically Scheduled After The Drains Have Been Removed. The Masseur From Clinic Health Beauty Performs Lipo Drainage Massage On A Massage Table In Your Hotel Room. Performing The Massage On A Bed Is Not Considered Professional And May Raise Hygiene Concerns. Massages Should Be Performed On A Massage Table To Allow The Masseur To Position The Patient Appropriately And Work Comfortably. The Lipo Drainage Massage Typically Lasts For An Hour. After The Massage, The Clinic Health Beauty Team Takes Care Of The Patient’s Wounds, Renews The Dressings, And Dresses The Corset. Price For Extra Lipo Drainage Massage Clinic Health Beauty Provides One Free Lipo Drainage Massage To Each Patient As Part Of The Operation Fee. The Average Length Of Stay For Our Patients In Istanbul, Turkey For Bbl, Liposuction, And Tummy Tuck Surgeries Is 6-7 Days, With The Lipo Drainage Massage Typically Performed On The Last Day. Additional Massages May Be Requested By Patients, In Which Case The Fee For An Extra Lipo Drainage Massage Is Between 60-70 Euros. In Addition To Our Own Patients, We Also Receive Requests For Lipo Drainage Massages From Patients Who Have Undergone Surgery At Other Clinics In Istanbul. These Patients Can Contact Our Assistants For More Information. The Fee For The Lipo Drainage Massage Will Be Determined Based On The Location And Number Of Massages Requested. Whatsapp +905397103855

Bbl, karın germe ve liposuction ameliyatı sonrası hastalarda oluşan sıvı birikintisinin daha rahat dışarı atılması için hastanın vücudunun bazı bölgelerine direnler takılmaktadır. Bu drenler kontrol altında tutularak ameliyattan 2 ya da 3 gün sonra çıkarılması planlanır. Lipo masajlarını genellikle drenler çekildikten sonra planlamaktayız.
Clinic Health Beauty masörü otel odanızda masaj masasında lipo drenaj masajını gerçekleştirir. Bu masajın yatakta yapılmasını çok profesyonel bulmamaktayız. Yatakta yapılan masajın hijyen açısından sorun yaratabileceği düşüncesindeyiz. Aynı zamanda masörün hastaya uygun pozisyonları sağlaması ve kendisinin rahat çalışması için masajların masaj masasında yapılması gerektiğini savunmaktayız.
Liposuction drenaj masajı yaklaşık 1-1,5 saat sürmektedir. Clinic Health Beauty ekibi masajı tamamladıktan sonra hastanın yara bakımını yapar. Pansumanlarını yeniler. Korsesini giydirir.
Ekstra Liposuction Drenaj Masaj Fiyatı
Clinic Health Beauty operasyon ücreti içinde her hastasına 1 lipo drenaj masajını ücretsiz olarak vermektedir. Bbl, liposuction ve karın germe ameliyatları için hastalarımızın İstanbul Türkiyede kaldıkları gün sayısı ortalama 6-7 gündür. Genellikle lipo drenaj masajı son gün gerçekleştirilir. Hastalarımız bazen ekstra masaj talep edebilirler. Bu gibi durumda ekstra lipo drenaj ücreti 60-70 euro arasındadır.
Kendi hastalarınız dışında İstanbul’da başka kliniklerde ameliyat olan hastalardan lipo drenaj masaj talepleri gelmektedir. Bunun için asistanlarımızla iletişime geçebilirler. Lokasyon ve kaç adet masaj istediklerine bağlı olarak liposuction drenaj masaj ücreti belirlenir..

Following BBL, tummy tuck, and liposuction surgery, drains are placed in certain areas of the patient’s body to facilitate the removal of fluid buildup. These drains are monitored and typically removed 2-3 days post-surgery. Lymphatic massages are typically scheduled after the drains have been removed.

The masseur from Clinic Health Beauty performs lipo drainage massage on a massage table in your hotel room. Performing the massage on a bed is not considered professional and may raise hygiene concerns. Massages should be performed on a massage table to allow the masseur to position the patient appropriately and work comfortably.

The lipo drainage massage typically lasts for an hour. After the massage, the Clinic Health Beauty team takes care of the patient’s wounds, renews the dressings, and dresses the corset.

Clinic Health Beauty provides one free lipo drainage massage to each patient as part of the operation fee. The average length of stay for our patients in Istanbul, Turkey for BBL, liposuction, and tummy tuck surgeries is 6-7 days, with the lipo drainage massage typically performed on the last day. Additional massages may be requested by patients, in which case the fee for an extra lipo drainage massage is between 60-70 euros.

In addition to our own patients, we also receive requests for lipo drainage massages from patients who have undergone surgery at other clinics in Istanbul. These patients can contact our assistants for more information. The fee for the lipo drainage massage will be determined based on the location and number of massages requested.


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Clinic Health Beauty May 23, 2024 10:26

Doctor Checks Before Mommy Makeover @Clinichealthbeauty The Mommy Makeover Is A Customized Surgical Procedure Designed To Address A Variety Of Body Concerns That Patients May Have. The Needs Of Each Patient Can Differ Significantly; Some May Require A Mini Tummy Tuck, While Others May Need A Full Tummy Tuck Surgery. To Determine The Most Suitable Treatment Plan, It’s Essential To Consider Both The Patient’s Specific Concerns And The Recommendations From A Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeon. Leveraging Their Extensive Experience, The Surgeon Will Carefully Create A Comprehensive Surgical Plan Tailored To The Unique Challenges Faced By The Patient. Before Proceeding With A Mommy Makeover Surgery, It’s Crucial To Thoroughly Review The Patient’s Complete Health History. To Achieve This, Specific And Relevant Information Is Requested From The Patient. Your Current Height And Weight Medications You Are Presently Taking Any Past Or Present Infectious Diseases Your Smoking Habits Frequency Of Alcohol Consumption Any Recreational Or Prescribed Drug Use Psychiatric Medications You May Be On Types Of Birth Control You Use Previous Surgeries You'Ve Had The Date Of Your Last Childbirth Whether You Had A Caesarean Or Vaginal Delivery Ongoing Breastfeeding Status Relevant Photographs Of Yourself Videos That Pertain To Your Condition Your Specific Expectations And Concerns About The Procedure Diagnosed Psychological Disorders, If Any Whether You'Re Opting For The Surgery Of Your Own Free Will Any External Pressure To Have The Surgery, Such As From A Partner Your Physical And Mental Readiness For The Surgery After Conducting A Thorough Evaluation Based On The Aforementioned Criteria, The Patient’s Specific Needs Are Identified, And A Tailored Surgical Plan Is Formulated. The Mommy Makeover Is A Multifaceted Procedure That Often Involves A Combination Of Several Surgeries. Therefore, It’s Crucial That Your Plastic And Aesthetic Surgeon Is Highly Skilled And Specialized In This Area To Ensure The Best Possible Outcomes. Who Can Have Mommy Makeover? To Achieve The Desired Results From A Mommy Makeover Surgery, It’s Essential That The Patient Meets Certain Prerequisites. Adhering To These Guidelines Is Crucial For Ensuring A Smooth Surgical Process And Helping The Patient Attain The Body Transformation She Seeks. A Waiting Period Of Roughly 12 Months After Childbirth Is Recommended Before Undergoing A Mommy Makeover. The Mother Should Have Completed Her Breastfeeding Phase. The Mother'S Body Mass Index (Bmi) Should Ideally Be 30 Or Below. Mothers Contemplating Future Pregnancies Should Consult Their Healthcare Provider About The Implications Of This Surgery. If The Mother Has Any Chronic Medical Conditions, A Thorough Pre-Surgical Evaluation Is Necessary. Should The Mother Have A Bleeding Disorder, It Must Be Carefully Assessed Prior To The Surgery. What Mommy Makeover Surgery Can Give You? The Mommy Makeover Surgery Offers A Chance For You To Reconcile With Your Body And Feel At Ease In Your Own Skin Again. Because It’s A Combined Procedure Involving Multiple Surgeries, The Transformation Is Often More Noticeable And Impactful. Excess Fat In Your Abdomen Can Be Removed Sagging Skin On Your Abdominal Wall May Be Removed Your Abdominal Wall Will Be Sewn Back Together Correction Of Breast Volume Loss Prosthesis May Be Placed In The Breast Excess Fat On Arms And Legs May Be Removed Gaps In Your Buttocks May Be Filled. Your Buttocks Can Be Lifted The Width Of Your Vagina Can Be Reduced. Sagging Of The Inner And Outer Labia Can Be Removed

The Mommy Makeover is a customized surgical procedure designed to address a variety of body concerns that patients may have. The needs of each patient can differ significantly; some may require a mini tummy tuck, while others may need a full tummy tuck surgery. To determine the most suitable treatment plan, it’s essential to consider both the patient’s specific concerns and the recommendations from a highly skilled plastic surgeon. Leveraging their extensive experience, the surgeon will carefully create a comprehensive surgical plan tailored to the unique challenges faced by the patient.

Before proceeding with a Mommy Makeover surgery, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the patient’s complete health history. To achieve this, specific and relevant information is requested from the patient.

Your current height and weight
Medications you are presently taking
Any past or present infectious diseases
Your smoking habits
Frequency of alcohol consumption
Any recreational or prescribed drug use
Psychiatric medications you may be on
Types of birth control you use
Previous surgeries you've had
The date of your last childbirth
Whether you had a caesarean or vaginal delivery
Ongoing breastfeeding status
Relevant photographs of yourself
Videos that pertain to your condition
Your specific expectations and concerns about the procedure
Diagnosed psychological disorders, if any
Whether you're opting for the surgery of your own free will
Any external pressure to have the surgery, such as from a partner
Your physical and mental readiness for the surgery
After conducting a thorough evaluation based on the aforementioned criteria, the patient’s specific needs are identified, and a tailored surgical plan is formulated.

The Mommy Makeover is a multifaceted procedure that often involves a combination of several surgeries. Therefore, it’s crucial that your plastic and aesthetic surgeon is highly skilled and specialized in this area to ensure the best possible outcomes.

To achieve the desired results from a Mommy Makeover surgery, it’s essential that the patient meets certain prerequisites. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for ensuring a smooth surgical process and helping the patient attain the body transformation she seeks.

A waiting period of roughly 12 months after childbirth is recommended before undergoing a Mommy Makeover.
The mother should have completed her breastfeeding phase.
The mother's Body Mass Index (BMI) should ideally be 30 or below.
Mothers contemplating future pregnancies should consult their healthcare provider about the implications of this surgery.
If the mother has any chronic medical conditions, a thorough pre-surgical evaluation is necessary.
Should the mother have a bleeding disorder, it must be carefully assessed prior to the surgery.
The Mommy Makeover surgery offers a chance for you to reconcile with your body and feel at ease in your own skin again. Because it’s a combined procedure involving multiple surgeries, the transformation is often more noticeable and impactful.

Excess fat in your abdomen can be removed
Sagging skin on your abdominal wall may be removed
Your abdominal wall will be sewn back together
Correction of breast volume loss
Prosthesis may be placed in the breast
Excess fat on arms and legs may be removed
Gaps in your buttocks may be filled. Your buttocks can be lifted
The width of your vagina can be reduced. Sagging of the inner and outer labia can be removed

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Tummytuck (abdominoplasty) and Arm Lift Surgery İstanbul Turkey

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Mommy Makeover Surgery (Mother Aesthetics) @Clinichealthbeauty Mommy Makeover Is Also Known As Mother Aesthetics And Postpartum Aesthetics Which Is A Combined Surgery Option Preferred By Women. It Is A Surgical Procedure That Corrects Post-Birth Deformities And Changes In The Body. The Mommy Makeover Aims To Obtain An Aesthetic Appearance By Addressing Changes That Occur In The Body After A Certain Age, Not Just Limited To Postpartum. There Are Numerous Reasons Why A Mommy Makeover Is Among The Most Popular Combined Surgeries. The Most Significant Of These Is The Changes In The Body That Occur During Pregnancy. During This Time, Breasts Grow, The Abdominal Area Stretches, And Weight Gain Occurs In Multiple Parts Of The Body. Sometimes, After Birth, These Alterations In The Body Cannot Be Undone, Regardless Of How Much Exercise And Diet A Person Does. After Childbirth, The Most Common Cosmetic Issues Are Sagging Breasts, Stomach Fat And Sagging Skin, Fat And Looseness In The Arms And Inner Legs, And Vaginal Stretching. What Is Mommy Makeover In Turkey? The Procedure Of Using Surgical Techniques To Restore The Cosmetic Look Of Physical Deformations Brought On By Birth And Aging Is Known As A “Mommy Makeover.” The Needs Of The Patient Define The Package For The Mommy Makeover. The Most Popular Combination Operations In Mommy Makeover Aesthetics Are Listed Under The Following Procedure Names. Full Tummy Tuck Mini Tummy Tuck 360 Degree Liposuction Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Breast Reduction Bbl (Butt Fat Transfer) Vagina Aesthetics Arm Lift Thigh Lift To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Patient, A Tailored Set Of Procedures Is Carefully Selected, Forming A Comprehensive Surgical Package. A Detailed And In-Depth Consultation With The Experienced Plastic And Aesthetic Surgeon Is Essential To Ensure The Best Possible Outcome.

Mommy makeover is also known as mother aesthetics and postpartum aesthetics which is a combined surgery option preferred by women.

It is a surgical procedure that corrects post-birth deformities and changes in the body. The mommy makeover aims to obtain an aesthetic appearance by addressing changes that occur in the body after a certain age, not just limited to postpartum.

There are numerous reasons why a mommy makeover is among the most popular combined surgeries. The most significant of these is the changes in the body that occur during pregnancy. During this time, breasts grow, the abdominal area stretches, and weight gain occurs in multiple parts of the body.

Sometimes, after birth, these alterations in the body cannot be undone, regardless of how much exercise and diet a person does. After childbirth, the most common cosmetic issues are sagging breasts, stomach fat and sagging skin, fat and looseness in the arms and inner legs, and vaginal stretching.

The procedure of using surgical techniques to restore the cosmetic look of physical deformations brought on by birth and aging is known as a “mommy makeover.”

The needs of the patient define the package for the mommy makeover. The most popular combination operations in mommy makeover aesthetics are listed under the following procedure names.

To meet the unique needs of each patient, a tailored set of procedures is carefully selected, forming a comprehensive surgical package. A detailed and in-depth consultation with the experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon is essential to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Tummytuck Abdominoplasty İstanbul Turkey

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Precision And Perfection: The Rise Of High-Definition Tummy Tucks In The Realm Of Aesthetic Enhancement, The Quest For Perfection Has Led To The Advent Of High-Definition Tummy Tucks, A Procedure That Goes Beyond The Traditional Tuck To Sculpt And Define The Abdominal Area With Remarkable Precision. This Innovative Technique Promises Not Just A Flatter Tummy But A Sculpted Torso That Highlights Muscle Definition And Contours The Body In Ways Previously Thought Unattainable Through Conventional Methods. Clinic Health Beauty, At The Forefront Of Health Tourism, Offers This Cutting-Edge Procedure In Istanbul, Turkey, Performed By Expert Surgeons At A Plus Hospitals. With A Commitment To Excellence And Patient Satisfaction, Clinic Health Beauty Ensures That Each High-Definition Tummy Tuck Is Not Just A Procedure But A Transformation Journey Towards The Pinnacle Of Aesthetic Perfection. Clinic Health Beauty’s Dedication To Providing Comprehensive Care Is Unmatched, Making It The Ideal Choice For Those Seeking Not Just Surgical Excellence But A Holistic Experience. From Pre-Operative Consultations To Luxurious Post-Operative Care In Some Of Istanbul’s Most Exclusive Hotels, The Journey With Clinic Health Beauty Is Designed To Be As Seamless And Comfortable As Possible. With The Rise Of Health Tourism, Istanbul Has Become A Beacon For Those Seeking Aesthetic Procedures, Combining World-Class Medical Services With The Allure Of Exploring One Of The World’s Most Enchanting Cities. As We Delve Deeper Into What Makes High-Definition Tummy Tucks The New Standard In Body Contouring, We Invite You To Discover The Unparalleled Services And Care Offered By Clinic Health Beauty. Whether You’re Considering A High-Definition Tummy Tuck Or Exploring The Comprehensive Range Of Aesthetic Surgeries Available, Clinic Health Beauty Stands Ready To Ensure Your Experience Is Nothing Short Of Perfection. Get Free Consultation Whatsapp Understanding High-Definition Tummy Tucks The Pursuit Of An Ideal Body Shape Has Led To The Evolution Of Cosmetic Surgery Techniques, With High-Definition Tummy Tucks Emerging As A Pinnacle Of Aesthetic Transformation. Unlike Traditional Tummy Tucks, Which Primarily Focus On Removing Excess Skin And Fat To Create A Flatter Abdomen, High-Definition Tummy Tucks Delve Deeper Into The Art Of Body Sculpting. This Advanced Procedure Meticulously Enhances The Underlying Musculature’s Visibility, Offering Not Just A Toned Appearance But A Sculpted, Athletic Silhouette That Reflects An Individual’s Highest Aesthetic Potential. What Sets It Apart? High-Definition Tummy Tucks Employ A Combination Of Liposuction And Precise Surgical Techniques To Remove Fat Selectively And Sculpt The Abdominal Area, Emphasizing The Natural Contours And Muscle Definition. This Approach Allows For A More Detailed And Refined Result, Revealing A Chiseled Abdomen That Traditional Methods Could Not Achieve. The Technique Is Particularly Beneficial For Individuals Close To Their Ideal Body Weight But Seeking To Enhance Their Physique’s Aesthetic Appeal By Defining The Abdominal Muscles More Prominently. Benefits Beyond Beauty The Benefits Of A High-Definition Tummy Tuck Extend Beyond The Visual Enhancement Of The Body. Patients Often Report Improved Body Confidence And Motivation To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle, Further Accentuating The Procedure’s Results. Additionally, By Targeting Specific Areas For Fat Removal, This Procedure Can Also Contribute To A Healthier Body Composition And, In Some Cases, Improved Physical Performance. High-Definition Tummy Tucks Represent Not Just A Surgical Procedure But A Step Towards Realizing A Vision Of Physical Perfection. Clinic Health Beauty, With Its Expert Team Of Surgeons And State-Of-The-Art Facilities, Stands At The Forefront Of This Transformative Journey. Our Commitment To Precision, Care, And Excellence Ensures That Each Patient’s Experience Is Tailored To Their Unique Aesthetic Goals, Making The Dream Of A Perfectly Sculpted Body A Reality. The Rise Of Health Tourism In Aesthetic Surgery The Phenomenon Of Health Tourism Has Been Gaining Momentum, Transforming The Way Individuals Approach Medical And Aesthetic Enhancements. At The Heart Of This Transformative Movement Is Istanbul, Turkey—A City That Has Successfully Positioned Itself As A Global Hub For Aesthetic Surgery. The Allure Of Istanbul Is Not Just In Its Rich History, Mesmerizing Architecture, And Vibrant Culture, But Also In Its World-Renowned Medical Facilities That Offer A Fusion Of Advanced Technology, Expert Medical Professionals, And Comprehensive Patient Care. This Unique Blend Makes Istanbul An Attractive Destination For Those Seeking High-Quality, Yet Cost-Effective, Aesthetic Procedures, Including The Cutting-Edge High-Definition Tummy Tucks.

In the realm of aesthetic enhancement, the quest for perfection has led to the advent of high-definition tummy tucks, a procedure that goes beyond the traditional tuck to sculpt and define the abdominal area with remarkable precision. This innovative technique promises not just a flatter tummy but a sculpted torso that highlights muscle definition and contours the body in ways previously thought unattainable through conventional methods. Clinic Health Beauty, at the forefront of health tourism, offers this cutting-edge procedure in Istanbul, Turkey, performed by expert surgeons at A Plus Hospitals. With a commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, Clinic Health Beauty ensures that each high-definition tummy tuck is not just a procedure but a transformation journey towards the pinnacle of aesthetic perfection.

Clinic Health Beauty’s dedication to providing comprehensive care is unmatched, making it the ideal choice for those seeking not just surgical excellence but a holistic experience. From pre-operative consultations to luxurious post-operative care in some of Istanbul’s most exclusive hotels, the journey with Clinic Health Beauty is designed to be as seamless and comfortable as possible. With the rise of health tourism, Istanbul has become a beacon for those seeking aesthetic procedures, combining world-class medical services with the allure of exploring one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

As we delve deeper into what makes high-definition tummy tucks the new standard in body contouring, we invite you to discover the unparalleled services and care offered by Clinic Health Beauty. Whether you’re considering a high-definition tummy tuck or exploring the comprehensive range of aesthetic surgeries available, Clinic Health Beauty stands ready to ensure your experience is nothing short of perfection.

The pursuit of an ideal body shape has led to the evolution of cosmetic surgery techniques, with high-definition tummy tucks emerging as a pinnacle of aesthetic transformation. Unlike traditional tummy tucks, which primarily focus on removing excess skin and fat to create a flatter abdomen, high-definition tummy tucks delve deeper into the art of body sculpting. This advanced procedure meticulously enhances the underlying musculature’s visibility, offering not just a toned appearance but a sculpted, athletic silhouette that reflects an individual’s highest aesthetic potential.

High-definition tummy tucks employ a combination of liposuction and precise surgical techniques to remove fat selectively and sculpt the abdominal area, emphasizing the natural contours and muscle definition. This approach allows for a more detailed and refined result, revealing a chiseled abdomen that traditional methods could not achieve. The technique is particularly beneficial for individuals close to their ideal body weight but seeking to enhance their physique’s aesthetic appeal by defining the abdominal muscles more prominently.

The benefits of a high-definition tummy tuck extend beyond the visual enhancement of the body. Patients often report improved body confidence and motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle, further accentuating the procedure’s results. Additionally, by targeting specific areas for fat removal, this procedure can also contribute to a healthier body composition and, in some cases, improved physical performance.

High-definition tummy tucks represent not just a surgical procedure but a step towards realizing a vision of physical perfection. Clinic Health Beauty, with its expert team of surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. Our commitment to precision, care, and excellence ensures that each patient’s experience is tailored to their unique aesthetic goals, making the dream of a perfectly sculpted body a reality.

The phenomenon of health tourism has been gaining momentum, transforming the way individuals approach medical and aesthetic enhancements. At the heart of this transformative movement is Istanbul, Turkey—a city that has successfully positioned itself as a global hub for aesthetic surgery. The allure of Istanbul is not just in its rich history, mesmerizing architecture, and vibrant culture, but also in its world-renowned medical facilities that offer a fusion of advanced technology, expert medical professionals, and comprehensive patient care. This unique blend makes Istanbul an attractive destination for those seeking high-quality, yet cost-effective, aesthetic procedures, including the cutting-edge high-definition tummy tucks.

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Tummytuck ( Abdominoplasty ) 360 Liposuction İstanbul

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