Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Breast Lift Mastopexy

Clinic Health Beauty offers breast lift surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey. The surgery takes about 1 hour and patients only need to stay in the hospital overnight. It is performed under general anesthesia, and a special breast corset is worn after the surgery. For our patients from other countries, we have created a 5-night and 6-day travel plan.

Breast lift surgery is performed by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist doctors. In breast lift surgeries performed in an A+ hospital, the care and follow-up of the patients are carried out by Clinic Health Beauty’s special nurses.

Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Patients who undergo breast lift surgery may have different problems, which may be genetic or acquired, such as:

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Evaluation Before Breast Lift Surgery

Before undergoing breast lift surgery, the patient’s health status and expectations should be reviewed. To do this, the patient is requested to provide their health status and pictures through the consultation form. The aesthetic surgeon evaluates the patient and creates a surgery program. In some cases, breast lift surgery alone may not be sufficient, and breast augmentation may be recommended in combination with breast lift surgery.

Should I Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Our assistants often receive the question of whether or not breast lift surgery is necessary. To determine this, the patient can perform a self-check in front of a mirror. How?

Stand in front of a mirror and look at your breasts. Focus on your nipples and check where they are in relation to the breast fold line. If your nipples are above the breast fold line, there is no problem. If your nipples are below this line, you can consult a doctor for breast lift surgery. If your nipples are below the fold line and point downwards, it can be said that breast lift surgery is necessary.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed in Turkey?

The breast lift surgery technique is planned according to the patient’s needs and may vary depending on the case.

Breast lift surgery involves removing excess tissue and moving the nipple upwards to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast. The first technique involves an incision made in the nipple. If there is too much tissue to be removed, an inverted T operation is planned. While the nipple is moved up, an incision is made downwards from the nipple and excess tissue is removed.

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and may take 2-3 hours depending on the size and technique of the breast. The patient is kept under observation in the hospital overnight. After the breast lift surgery, poles are attached to both breast tissues to allow for easier drainage. They will be removed on the second or third day.

Mild pain and tightness in the breast may be experienced on the first day after surgery, but this is normal. Painkillers and antibiotics will be provided to manage any discomfort.

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Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Surgery

After the patient’s breast has been evaluated, breast implant surgery can be performed together with a breast lift. This procedure may be preferred for patients with weak breast volume and tissue who want to increase their breast size.

What to Consider After Breast Lift Surgery?

After breast lift surgery, the patient should keep the suture areas dry and clean them as recommended by the doctor. It is important to avoid raising your arms excessively and lifting heavy objects.

You can start working one week after breast lift surgery, but the work you do should not strain your stitches. If you have a physically demanding job, it is recommended to return to work after two weeks.

You can walk one week after breast lift surgery, but it is recommended to wait six to eight weeks before engaging in other sports.

Breast Lift Surgery Package in Istanbul, Turkey: Price

The prices of the breast lift surgery we offer in Istanbul, Turkey vary between 4200-6000 USD / Pounds. Breast lift surgery is performed at A Plus Hospital using the latest technological devices and with a specialist aesthetic surgeon.

In general, the services included in the price of breast lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey are as follows:

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Breast Lift Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

The results of breast lift surgery can last for about 10-15 years. However, this period may vary depending on the age at which you have the surgery and your lifestyle. Women who give birth at a later age may experience sagging breasts again. As you age, sagging in the breast may also start again.

In Turkey, breast lift surgery in Istanbul can cost between 4200 dollars and 6000 dollars. The cost of breast lift surgery may vary depending on the experience of the breast surgeon, the hospital where the surgery will be performed, and other services provided. It is important that breast lift surgery is performed by specialist doctors.

In general, the services included in the price of Breast Lift Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey are as follows: 4200 – 5000 dollars/pounds.

  • Breast Lift Surgery
  • 1 Overnight Hospitalization
  • 4 Nights 5-Star Hotel (breakfast, pool, sauna, gym included)
  • Private Nurse Checks and Dressings at the Hotel
  • Medicines to be used after surgery
  • Breast Corset
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Health Assistant and Interpreter
  • VIP Transfer between Airport-Hospital-Hotel
  • Private Nurse in Hospital

You may experience mild pain after breast lift surgery. Patients who have undergone breast lift surgery report experiencing much milder pain than they expected. Mild pain is more noticeable in the first two days. You can be more comfortable during this process by using the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

Unfortunately, there is no other method to replace breast lift surgery for sagging breasts. A surgical procedure is performed to restore the sagging skin.

After breast lift surgery, you should wear a sports bra. It is recommended that you wear it day and night for one month.

The reason why plastic surgery is cheap in Turkey is not because the hospitals, doctors, hotels, nurses, and services provided are bad. The reason for this is the exchange rate difference of the Turkish Lira currency against the Euro, dollar, and pound.

Turkey is among the most reliable countries for breast lift surgery in Istanbul. All you need to do is choose a doctor who is experienced and specialized in breast aesthetics. Clinic Health Beauty can offer you the best breast surgeons in Turkey.

After breast lift surgery, suture scars begin to decrease on a monthly basis. This process may differ for each patient, as the skin color and texture of each patient is different. At the end of one year, the stitch scars are less visible. Scars may differ for each patient depending on the skin structure, the success of the surgery, the patient’s postoperative wound care, and smoking.

There is no rule that breast lift surgery should be performed at a certain age. Patients over 18 years of age have completed breast development. Patients who need a breast lift can decide to have one as a result of a doctor’s consultation. Most patients decide on this surgery after giving birth, while some patients wait until the age of 40.

We do not have any information about non-surgical breast lift. We plan surgical operations for sagging breasts.

When we look at the results of breast lift surgery and listen to the experiences of patients, we hear that they feel good psychologically and physically. We learn that this change reflects positively on their social and professional lives.

Like every aesthetic operation, breast lift surgery has risks. These risks may be related to the patient’s breast tissue as well as the success of the surgery.

  • Risks associated with anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Poor healing of sutures
  • Loss of sensation
  • Risk of hematoma and bleeding
  • Fat necrosis

Loss of sensation may occur after breast lift surgery. However, this is usually temporary, and tissue sensation is regained after about 6 months. Permanent loss of sensation is among the risks of breast lift surgery.

The causes of sagging breasts include advancing age, childbirth, genetic causes, and the effect of gravity. Wearing a bra can delay sagging, while not wearing a bra can increase the effect of gravity on the breasts.

It is recommended that you wear a sports bra while sleeping for about 6-7 weeks after breast lift surgery.

There are rules you should pay attention to before breast lift surgery, which will be communicated to you by Clinic Health Beauty assistants.

  • Stop smoking.
  • Discontinue your birth control medication under medical supervision.
  • Stop blood thinners.
  • Trim your genital and armpit hair one week before surgery.
  • Fast for 12 hours before surgery.
  • Beware of diseases such as cold and flu before surgery.
  • Rest before surgery.
  • Pay attention to your diet.

We plan our breast lift surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey is among the top three countries in the world in the field of aesthetic surgery. It is the leader of health tourism with its specialized doctors, advanced hospitals, care units, and other services.

Turkey is a successful country in all aesthetic operations. BBL, liposuction, stomach reduction surgeries, breast aesthetics, tummy tuck, and rhinoplasty are among these surgeries.

Clinic Health Beauty works with the best specialist doctors and hospitals in Turkey for breast surgery and breast aesthetics.

For saggy breasts, you can consult with a plastic surgery doctor specialized in the field. You can contact Clinic Health Beauty assistants.

In breast lift surgery, the nipple is brought to the desired height. During this process, excess skin in the breast is removed.

Breast lift surgery is personalized, as each patient has a different breast size. Therefore, it cannot be said that you will go down to a specific size.

Yes, a 20-year-old can have saggy breasts due to genetic conditions. Breast lift surgery can be performed if needed.

Breasts can sag due to advancing age, childbirth, genetic reasons, and the effect of gravity.

It is advantageous to lose weight before a breast lift. This way, the breast lines become clearer, and the sagging of the skin is more clearly understood during surgery.

Breast lift surgery does not involve prosthetic implants. The aim of the surgery is to restore the natural appearance of your breasts.

It is normal to experience a feeling of hardness and swelling in the breast after breast lift surgery. After 3-4 months, these hardness and swelling begin to decrease and soften.

After breast lift surgery, it is recommended to sleep with a sports bra for 6-7 weeks.

You can think of a bra as a corset that prevents your breasts from sagging. Breasts feel the effect of gravity. After breast lift surgery, a sports bra should be worn for 6-7 weeks.

A breast lift is a procedure designed for patients whose nipple is lower than it should be. The nipple is lifted up and excess skin is removed.

Age has a great effect on sagging breasts. There is tissue loss due to aging, and the skin begins to lose its elasticity. The effect of gravity negatively affects the breasts. Therefore, sagging breasts may occur with age.

It may not be possible to correct sagging breasts with exercise. However, exercises can be done to prevent breasts from sagging. It is strongly recommended to wear a sports bra during sports.

After breast lift surgery, you should keep the suture areas dry. Avoid sudden arm movements and wear a sports bra day and night for 6-7 weeks.

It may take up to 1 year for the final breast lift to look normal. Swelling, stiffness, and edema may take 6 months to disappear.

Yes, you must wear a sports bra after breast lift for 6-7 weeks.

Sleeping on your back may lead to less deformation of the breast, but there is no research or definitive information on this.

Yes, breast lift may leave scars, but they begin to decrease over time. Each patient may have different scar symptoms.

Both surgeries are safe if performed by the right surgeon. Some patients may need a breast implant along with a breast lift, and it can be combined.

Patients from all over the world, including America, come to Turkey for breast aesthetics and all other aesthetic surgeries. Among the reasons for this are the difference in the dollar-TL exchange rate, talented doctors, and accredited hospitals in Turkey.

Yes, every patient has the right to file a lawsuit in Turkey, but your doctor and health tourism agency must be authorized. Therefore, you should choose your doctor and health tourism agency carefully before having surgery. Clinic Health Beauty is the company with the official health tourism authorization certificate of Turkey. Non-institutional companies and clinics can cause problems.


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