Fat Transfer to the Butt and Thighs


Fat Transfer to the Butt and Thighs

BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances body contours by transferring fat to the buttocks and hips. BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances body contours by transferring fat to the buttocks and hips. This procedure can address the depressed appearance in the hip dips area.

Aesthetic image loss in the buttocks may occur due to genetic body structure, rapid weight loss, or body deformations after pregnancy. In such cases, fat transfer to the buttocks or hip dips area can be performed.

Is Buttock Fat Transfer a Permanent Solution?

After fat transfer to the buttocks, some of the injected fat may dissolve. The degree of fat dissolution may vary among patients. While some patients may experience minimal fat dissolution, others may experience up to 30% dissolution. A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon takes into account the possibility of fat dissolution and adjusts the amount of fat transfer accordingly. The expected melting of fat results in a more attractive appearance, which makes the patient happy.

Is Fat Transfer to the Buttocks Safe or Dangerous?

When planning a fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL), it is crucial to consult with a specialized and experienced surgeon. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the hospital where the surgery will be performed has an intensive care unit. Before the surgery, the patient’s health information, including weight, height, and body mass index, should be thoroughly reviewed. The surgeon should also inquire about any chronic diseases or bleeding problems.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is a safe cosmetic procedure when performed with the appropriate technique and care. It is important to note that like any cosmetic surgery, BBL surgery carries risks.

Buttock Fat Transfer (BBL) and Liposuction

In order to perform a fat transfer to the buttocks, fat needs to be extracted from specific areas of the body. Clinic Health Beauty offers a BBL (fat transfer to buttocks) procedure in conjunction with 360-degree liposuction, which sculpts the body by removing fat from the back, belly, and waist using 4D liposuction (vaser). The fat is then separated through a specialized process.

The doctor determines the areas where fats will be transferred prior to the operation. Fat is then injected proportionally into the buttocks, sunken areas of the buttocks, and hip dips if necessary. This procedure enhances body contours, creating curves on the buttocks and waist, resulting in an hourglass appearance.

Buttock Fat Transfer (BBL) Recovery Time

After a buttock fat transfer (BBL) procedure, the patient will be hospitalized for two days while a treatment plan is established.

During hospitalization, the patient is carefully monitored to ensure proper nutrition and physical activity, including short walks. Antibiotics and pain medication are prescribed as needed.

Following a fat transfer to the buttocks, patients are advised to avoid putting pressure on the area, particularly during the first two months of recovery. To aid in this, patients should use the provided buttock pillow and refrain from prolonged sitting on the area.

Patients can typically resume their daily activities two weeks after undergoing a fat transfer procedure to the buttocks. It is recommended that they wear a corset for two months following the procedure.

Lipo drainage massages are crucial following a fat transfer to the buttocks. It is recommended to seek support from centers that specialize in post-liposuction massages.

The effects of fat transfer to the buttocks are particularly noticeable in reducing edema and swelling throughout the body. The true results will become apparent after 6-10 months. During this period, you will experience changes in your body.

What is the Cost of a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks (BBL) in Turkey in 2024?

Clinic Health Beauty plans the fat transfer to buttocks (BBL) operation with an organization. From the moment the patient arrives in Istanbul, Turkey, Clinic Health Beauty manages the process with the help of medical assistants and according to the plan previously communicated to the patient. The price of BBL (fat transfer to buttocks) varies between 4600-5000 euro with 360 lipo and includes the entire organization.

For information on the cost of buttock fat transfer, please contact our health assistants. We also offer free consultations.

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