Belly – Abdomen – Waist Fat Removal


Belly - Abdomen - Waist Fat Removal

Belly liposuction is one of the most effective and permanent methods for removing fat from the abdomen and waist areas. With lower belly and upper abdomen liposuction, you can eliminate unwanted and stubborn fat.

Clinic Health Beauty offers belly, abdominal, and waist liposuction operations in Istanbul, Turkey using the Vaser technique at the private A Plus hospital. This technique melts fat in the belly, upper and lower abdomen, and waist area with ultrasonic waves and removes it with special cannulas. Vaser liposuction, also known as 4D liposuction, is a non-invasive procedure that does not damage useful tissues and effectively shapes the body.

Liposuction Can Reduce Belly Fat and Eliminate Fat Cells

While belly fat exercises, diet, and sports can help you get fitter, sometimes they may not be enough to eliminate stubborn visceral fat. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and proper nutrition throughout your life. If these efforts do not yield results, liposuction may be considered to remove regional fat.

One common concern among patients considering liposuction is whether their belly will regain fat or if they will gain weight again after the procedure.

The doctor can provide answers to your questions, but ultimately the answer lies within you. Liposuction eliminates fat from your belly, abdomen, and waist while destroying fat cells, making it difficult for fat to regenerate in these areas. However, if proper nutrition and exercise habits are not established after the procedure, fat may reappear in the future.

Upper Abdomen - Lower Belly Liposuction Before and After

To view the results of upper abdomen and lower belly liposuction surgery, simply click the BEFORE & AFTER button on our website.

Patient evaluation is important before liposuction of the upper abdomen and lower belly button. Many patients think that the sagging skin under the belly button can be corrected by removing the fat. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Sagging skin requires surgical intervention. A mini or full tummy tuck can be performed. J-plasma can be used for loose skin. J-plasma is a technological device that is combined with liposuction to tighten the skin.

Before undergoing belly and abdominal liposuction surgery, it is recommended that the patient’s body mass index be below 30 or 31. This will not only ensure a beautiful result but also minimize the risk of surgical complications.

After undergoing liposuction, it is important for the patient to remain mobile whether they are in the hospital, hotel, or at home. The patient should engage in short walks to promote blood circulation and consume at least 3 liters of water to reduce edema and swelling.

Belly Fat Removal Surgery Price 2024

Our assistants will ask for your health information, videos, and photos to prepare a plan for belly, waist, and fat removal in 2024. After the doctor’s consultation, they will provide you with the price information. You can access the free consultation form by clicking the link below. If you prefer, you can also request information from our assistants on WhatsApp.

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