Female Surgeon For Liposuction


Female Surgeon For Liposuction

If you’re looking for a female doctor and a female plastic surgeon for liposuction, Clinic Health Beauty can help. They’ve got a plan that puts together a liposuction team with an expert aesthetic doctor who’s done lots of liposuction and a whole team of women.

Female Plastic Surgeon

More and more patients are choosing female surgeons for liposuction these days. There are probably many reasons for this.
  • To explain their special needs more easily
  • To be able to empathize
  • Seeing female surgeons getting better results
  • Preferring a female surgeon due to family life
  • Choosing a female plastic surgeon because of their faith
  • To be able to express yourself more easily
The factors mentioned above can vary. Sometimes, a female assistant is preferred even during the consultation phase before liposuction surgery. This is quite normal. Many people choose to have liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast lift, or breast augmentation done by a female plastic surgeon for a number of reasons, including their private life, confidentiality, family reasons, religious beliefs, or trust.

Liposuction Plan with Female Surgeon

The liposuction operation planned in Istanbul Turkey is performed by a female surgeon. Within this plan, the most important criterion is the selection of the entire team with female personnel. The entire team involved in the process such as female plastic surgeon, female nurse, female lipo drainage massage should be selected female.

One of the most important things we think about before liposuction surgery is privacy. Here’s how the system works:

  • All pictures and visuals from patients are evaluated by our female assistants and gynecologic surgeons.
  • All incoming information is kept confidential. No pictures and video before and after photos are shared on social media accounts without the patient’s permission.
  • Only a female nurse can enter your hospital room.
  • All postoperative care and dressing services are provided by a female nurse.
  • All postoperative care and dressing process in your hotel is carried out by a female patient care specialist.
  • Your postoperative lipo drainage massage is performed by a female masseur.

Liposuction Price with Female Plastic Surgeon

Once we’ve looked at your photos and videos and talked to you about what you want to achieve, the female surgeon will be able to give you a quote for your liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey. The areas we’ll be focusing on will affect the price, as will any additional services you’d like.
  • 1 night hospitalization in a private hospital
  • Corset, medicines
  • Mrs. nurse
  • Preoperative blood tests
  • 5 nights Hotel. Double room and breakfast included
  • VIP transfer between airport-hotel-hospital
  • Post-surgery female caregiver check-ups at your hotel
  • Lipo drainage massage in your hotel after surgery (female masseur)

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