Mentor or Motiva


Mentor or Motiva

One of the most common questions patients ask before having breast augmentation surgery is which breast implant they should choose. Should they go for a Motiva or a Mentor implant?

It’s a good question. Many people wonder about implants for years and years, and it’s natural to want to know more.

The answers Clinic Health Beauty assistants give to these questions are that the breast implant is decided according to your body, rib cage, breast structure, tissue, and the size you want. In general, we have an implant preference. In this article, we’ll answer the questions about Mentor implants vs. Motiva implants.

Differences between Motiva Prosthesis and Mentor Prosthesis

These two great implant brands are popular breast implant brands in the breast implant world. These two most preferred breast implant brands in Istanbul Turkey are the most commonly used implants by surgeons. It would be unfair to classify the differences between Mentor and Motiva implants as this brand is good or that brand is bad. Because these brands have gained a strong reputation by ensuring that their patients are satisfied with the results as well as years of research and development.

Features of Motiva and Mentor Breast Implants

Motiva implants are a top choice for natural-looking results and flexibility to move with both the round and unique Ergonomix structure. Motiva also offers a wide range of sizes to fit every patient’s preference. Mentor makes both saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants. The silicone used in Mentor implants is especially tacky, which makes it firm but still feels natural. Motiva specializes in silicone gel implants. It uses soft silicone that allows for natural movement. Mentor is a reputable brand that has been on the market for many years. Motiva is a well-known brand in this market in terms of technology, reliability, and patient satisfaction, although it came on the market later. Both Mentor and Motiva are FDA approved. The price of the Motiva implant is expensive compared to the Mentor implant. Both brands have a warranty.

Which Breast Implant Brand Do Surgeons Prefer the Most?

When it comes to choosing a breast prosthesis brand for breast augmentation surgery, surgeons usually prioritize patient satisfaction and the reliability of the brand. With Motiva and Mentor, they can leave the patient the right to choose according to their budget. They may also consider the comfort provided by the prosthesis during the operation phase.

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