Recovery Period After Liposuction


Recovery Period After Liposuction

Before undergoing liposuction, patients often seek information about what to expect during the preparation, operation, and post-operative processes. Understanding the recovery period is also crucial for ensuring a successful outcome.

The recovery period following liposuction is directly related to the success rate of the operation and the patient’s level of interest in their body post-surgery.

To ensure a smooth liposuction operation, it is crucial to select an expert and experienced aesthetic and plastic surgeon. During the initial consultation with the patient, review all relevant details such as health history, habits, chronic diseases, medications, height, weight, and smoking.

The Clinic Health Beauty assistants will request this information from you, and specialist doctors will evaluate your body pictures and videos. Your operation will be performed at A Plus hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Weekly Recovery Process Following Liposuction Surgery

You have completed your liposuction surgery and are now in the recovery process. As per the Clinic Health Beauty plan, you will be monitored in the hospital for two nights by specialized nurses who will create a treatment plan for you. It is recommended that you take short walks to promote normal blood flow, and you will be asked to walk for about four hours after your surgery.

It is common to experience mild aches, pains, and numbness in the body during your hospital stay. Your doctor will develop a pain relief plan to address these symptoms.

After the surgery, you will need to wear a corset. It may feel tight at first, but you will eventually get used to it.

First 2 Weeks Following Liposuction

Your pain should start to decrease by the third day, and you will begin to feel more comfortable. You may notice bruising, swelling, and edema on your body. By the end of the first week, you will start to recognize your own needs at home. During this period, it is important to make an effort to rest actively and take frequent short walks around the house.

During the second week, it is recommended to take short walks outdoors to reduce swelling and promote faster recovery while still wearing the corset. Adequate hydration and proper nutrition are also important.

First 5 Weeks Following Liposuction

By the third week, your pain should be minimal. You may experience some numbness in certain areas of your body. After the third week, you may return to work as long as it does not require physical exertion.

You will experience a reduction in bruises on your body and an increase in your ability to walk for longer periods of time. Begin to improve your physical fitness with gentle exercises.

First 6-8 Weeks Following Liposuction

You will notice that your body takes on a certain shape during the first week after surgery. Keep in mind that it may take up to 10 months for all edema and swelling to completely subside.

You can stop wearing your corset as instructed by your doctor. Clinic Health Beauty recommends wearing it for three months.

Clinic Health Beauty Recommendation

“For the initial 10 days following liposuction surgery, it is recommended to continue wearing the corset provided during the procedure. After this period, it is advisable to switch to a Colombian corset for improved body contouring and added security.”

After liposuction, you may begin engaging in more strenuous physical activities. Remember to continue taking care of your body. Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, and stay hydrated.

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