What is Aggressive Liposuction?


What is Aggressive Liposuction?

Aggressive liposuction is a more intense and comprehensive version of liposuction surgery. It’s designed to remove more fat tissue and fat cells in a shorter amount of time. It’s usually used to target larger fat deposits and achieve more pronounced results.

At Clinic Health Beauty, we work with experienced doctors who are experts in aggressive liposuction. While the doctor is an important part of the process, the success of aggressive liposuction also depends on the team managing the patient before and after the procedure. After aggressive liposuction, it’s essential to follow up with the patient, monitor the healing process, and provide lipo drainage massages.

Experienced and Expert Doctor Recommendation for Aggressive Liposuction

Aggressive liposuction is more invasive and takes longer to recover from than other liposuction techniques. You can remove more fat with this method, but it depends on the experience of the plastic surgeon, the patient’s anatomy, and the techniques used during the procedure.

Aggressive liposuction is usually used to reshape and contour the body. It can be a good option for reducing large fat deposits in areas like the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and back. But like any surgical procedure, aggressive liposuction has potential risks and complications. It’s important to have a detailed evaluation with a plastic surgeon before surgery and to be informed about the potential risks of the surgery.

Aggressive Liposuction Istanbul, Turkey

Clinic Health Beauty offers aggressive liposuction surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey. The package includes six nights and seven days of travel. Patients are kept under control in the hospital for two nights. Their care, treatment, and recovery processes are followed in the hospital. At the end of the second day, patients are discharged and placed in their hotels under the control of assistants. Patients are regularly checked in their hotels every day by the caregivers.

It’s normal for fluid and edema to accumulate in the body after aggressive liposuction. That’s why we recommend lipo drainage massages. These massages are done at your hotel.

Aggressive Liposuction Price

The Clinic Health Beauty team in Istanbul, Turkey, can help you find an affordable price for aggressive liposuction. The areas we usually focus on are the belly, waist, back, and hips, which we call 360-degree liposuction. The price depends on what the patient needs, so we also work on thighs, arms, and legs.

The price of surgical procedures like aggressive liposuction depends on a lot of different things. It can change depending on the surgeon’s experience, the clinic or hospital you choose, the number of areas you want to have treated, and what you need from the procedure. Generally, more extensive and intensive surgical procedures like aggressive liposuction cost more.

In many cases, the price of aggressive liposuction is usually set after a consultation with the clinic or hospital. During this consultation, the patient’s needs are assessed, the areas where liposuction will be performed are determined, and information about the expected results is provided. Then, the cost of the procedure and all the expenses it may involve (surgical fee, anesthesia, clinic or hospital use, examination and follow-up visits, hotel and accommodation, VIP transfer, lipo massage) are explained to the patient.

Aggressive liposuction tends to cost more than other liposuction techniques because it often involves removing larger fat deposits and a longer surgical procedure. It may also require more follow-up and support in the postoperative period.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with clinics or hospitals and get a full picture of the costs involved. The price of the procedure can vary depending on the extent of the procedure, the needs of the patient and the experience of the surgeon.

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