Does Breast Silicone Burst?


Does Breast Silicone Burst?

Breast implants made of silicone do not burst, but they may leak. The fear of implant burst can be confusing for women. It is important to understand that damage to the silicone does not cause a reaction like a balloon bursting. In fact, many patients may not even realize that their breast implants are leaking.

How Does Breast Silicone Burst or Leak?

It is reported that the most frequent reason for breast implant rupture or bursting is the presence of surgical instruments that were not detected during the surgery. This occurrence has been observed in 51% to 60% of cases.

Based on national statistics, approximately 15% of patients experience burst or rupture of their breast silicone implants.

Another reason why breast implants may rupture over time is due to the scar tissue that forms in the capsule where the silicone is placed. This scar tissue can press on the silicone, causing damage or rupture.

Silicone can tear due to physical injuries. Although rare, a piercing tool entering the silicone during a traffic accident or a severe impact can cause tearing.

Does Silicone Breast Implants Burst During Sexual Intercourse?

No cases of breast silicone bursting during sexual intercourse have been observed. However, it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for approximately 4 weeks after breast silicone surgery to prevent any pressure on the stitches for breast implants. Although your partner may promise to be careful, it is best not to take any risks.

What Happens If My Breast Silicone Bursts?

If the breast silicone implant bursts, the silicones need to be replaced. Patients may not realize that the silicone is leaking for years. In some cases, it can also be noticed. Deformity may occur in the breast. Asymmetry problem with the other breast can be noticed. Pain may occur in the breast. In such cases, you should contact your surgeon. You can have breast ultrasound at the nearest polyclinic and have your controls done.

The breast silicone needs to be replaced. This situation is not very urgent. The problem can be solved in a short time by setting a suitable operation date with your surgeon.

Importance of Postoperative Monitoring after Silicone Breast Implant Surgery

Clinic Health Beauty, we recommend that patients have breast checks at certain periods after breast implant surgeries. After breast implant surgeries performed in Istanbul, Turkey, we provide patients with a list of controls recommended by the surgeon for routine checks that the patient should do. The brand of the breast prosthesis inserted during the surgery, the date of surgery, the technique with which the silicone was placed in the breast should be known. It is important for the patient to know information such as under the muscle or above the muscle.

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