Places to Visit in Istanbul


Places to Visit in Istanbul

“Where can we visit in Istanbul?”, “Where are the places to visit in Istanbul?” are among the questions our Clinic Health Beauty guests and their relatives ask our assistants.

On the 5th day of their surgery process, patients often feel well enough to explore Istanbul. To assist those who have come for aesthetic and plastic surgery, dental aesthetic operations, and hair transplantation, we have compiled a list of recommended places to visit in the city for both patients and their relatives.

The main reason for selecting these locations is their proximity to each other. This allows our patients to easily visit Istanbul’s most significant historical peninsula without becoming fatigued.

Historic Peninsula Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Mosque is a popular tourist destination in Istanbul due to its rich history. Originally built as the Church of Holy Wisdom by Byzantine emperor Justinian I in 532-537, it is one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. After serving as a church for 916 years, it was converted into a mosque. The columns and marbles used in its construction were sourced from ancient cities.

The dome’s height is 55.60 meters. To make it earthquake resistant, special earth bricks from Rhodes were used. It is claimed that the largest door of Hagia Sophia was made from the boards of Noah’s Ark.With its fascinating structure, Hagia Sophia welcomes guests from many countries and features numerous mosaics and depictions of angels.

In 1453, when Fatih conquered Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Church was converted into the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

In 2024, the Hagia Sophia Mosque will serve as both a museum and a place of worship.

Topkapı Palace

The palace in Istanbul is a magnificent building that covers an area of approximately 300,000 square meters. It was constructed after the conquest of Istanbul and served as the seat of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years.

The palace witnessed numerous intrigues, moments of sadness, and joy during the Ottoman period, and served many sultans. The Sultanate Gate, also known as the Bab-I Hümayun gate, has been the site of many executions.

According to sources, this is the largest and oldest palace in the world.

The mysterious history of the place carries many secrets. The harem contains 400 rooms.

The Topkapı Museum displays the Kaşıkçı Diamond, which weighs 86 carats and is one of the largest diamonds in the world.

In 1924, Topkapi Palace was converted into a museum. It exhibits historical swords, clothes, books, and seals. Visiting the palace can be a fascinating experience as it allows you to see where the sultans and their concubines lived and to feel the spirit of the place.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is one of the most impressive mosques in Istanbul, known by foreign tourists for its extensive use of 21,043 Iznik tiles that create a stunning deep blue interior.

The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are located opposite each other, making it convenient for patients and their relatives to visit on foot.

The Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I commissioned Sedefkâr Mehmet Aga to build the Blue Mosque. The dome of the mosque stands at a height of 43 meters.

The mosque is open for both worship and visitation, with no entrance fee. It can be crowded on Fridays, so visiting on other days is recommended.

Basilica Cistern

Located near Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, the Basilica Cistern is a must-see destination in Istanbul.

The Basilica Cistern was constructed in 532 during the Byzantine period by Emperor Justinian.

The Basilica Cistern was used to supply water to the palace and the people. It continued to serve this purpose even after the conquest of Istanbul. The cistern spans 140 meters and its authentic, mystical structure never fails to impress visitors.

The contemporary sculptures exhibited inside produce a delightful ambiance with captivating lighting.

Sultanahmet Square

The square, formerly known as Horse Square and used as the Hippodrome during the Roman Empire, is now a popular tourist destination and considered the starting point for historical Istanbul excursions. Visitors often take photos of the historical ruins, including the Obelisk, Serpent Column, and Knitted Obelisk.

The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, and Basilica Cistern are just a short car ride away, while the Topkapi Palace is conveniently located nearby. This area offers our patients the opportunity to witness the rich history of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar

This building, constructed during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is a shopping center that attracts tourists from around the world. It is commonly referred to as the Grand Bazaar. Covering an area of 45,000 square meters, it is one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

The Grand Bazaar boasts approximately 4000 shops, offering a wide range of products such as jewelry, carpets, rugs, spices, desserts, and more. Its nostalgic atmosphere never fails to impress visitors.

Other Attractions and Entertainment in Istanbul

The aforementioned locations are easily accessible for our patients. In addition, there are numerous other attractions such as Eminönü, Ortaköy, the Galata Tower, museums, and more.

Experiencing Istanbul’s nightlife is a must. Taksim Beyoglu, Istiklal Street, Nevizade, Kumkapi, Cicek Passage, and the numerous bars and music venues in the area offer a fantastic night out.

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