Hip Dips Fat Transfer


Hip Dips Fat Transfer (Pitting Problem on the Butt Sides)

Hip dips are known as hip pits. They are natural concave curvatures between the pelvis and femur bones on the side of the hip. The pitting in this area can cause aesthetic problems especially in women. In fact, this is due to a completely natural and normal body structure. We can explain the causes of the hollowing on the sides of the buttocks, that is, hip dips, as follows.

  • Genetic factors
  • Bone structure
  • Muscle distribution
  • Fat distribution

Hip Dips - BBL

Hip dips correction surgery can often be performed as part of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery. BBL is the process of injecting fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks to increase the shape and volume of the buttocks. Hip dips are natural hollows on the sides of the buttocks and can also be filled during BBL.

Some information is first requested from patients who apply with Hip Dips problem. This information is evaluated by specialized plastic surgeons and a plan is prepared. Some patients may request a female plastic surgeon. In this case, our experienced female plastic surgeons perform hip dips bbl operation.

Hip Dips BBL Plan


is the most important stage. The patient’s expectations and needs are evaluated. It is decided whether the patient is suitable for this operation. Height, weight, chronic diseases, fat ratio, age and health status are evaluated.

Operation Schedule for BBL

The operation date is determined after consultation. A 6 nights and 7 days Istanbul Travel is planned for hip dips. Details such as your hotel, airport transfer and preliminary preparation process are transferred.

Operation Phase

Hip dips BBL operation is completed in 3 stages.


Excess fat is removed from certain parts of the body (usually the abdomen, waist, back). Thus, the body is shaped. Regional fat problems are eliminated.

Fat Purification

The fat removed by liposuction is purified and made ready for transfer.

Fat Injection

The purified fat is injected into the buttocks. At this stage, the hip dips are also filled. If necessary, it can be injected in other parts of the buttocks.

Advantages of Hip Dips Correction

A More Balanced Look

It makes the hips look rounder and more balanced.

Natural Consequences

Since your own oil is used, a more natural look is achieved.

Combined Remediation

Both the overall volume of the buttocks is increased and the hip dips are filled.

Hip Dips Fat Transfer

Price of Hip Dips Surgery

The price of hip dips surgery can vary between 3500-4500 euro on average. The prices of hip dips bbl operation planned in Istanbul Turkey may be different for some reasons.  Factors such as the hospital where the operation will be performed, doctor selection, hotel preference and other service options determine the price of hip dips bbl surgery.

The following services are included in the package price of hip dips surgery.

  • 4 Nights 5 Star Hotel – Bed and breakfast for two
  • Vip Transfer between airport-hotel-hospital
  • Bbl Pillow
  • Corset-Drugs
  • Preoperative Checkup
  • 2 Nights Hospital
  • Nurse checks at the hotel
  • Lipo drainage massage at the hotel
  • Weekly and monthly postoperative follow-ups

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