Sex After Liposuction


Sex After Liposuction

Before undergoing liposuction surgery, patients often have questions about Couples may discuss changes in their bodies with each other and have questions about when they can resume sexual activity. It is important to consult with their doctor to determine the appropriate timeline for resuming sexual activities.

Consult with the doctor who performed your liposuction to determine when it is safe to engage in sexual activity. Follow their advice closely.

The impact of liposuction on sexual activity depends on various factors, such as the location and amount of fat removed, as well as any complications that may arise.

We will explain the procedures for sexual activity and the sex process after liposuction to our patients who have undergone surgery with Clinic Health Beauty.


“Always keep in mind that the procedures of plastic surgeons, hospitals, and clinics may vary.”

When is it Safe to Have Sex After Liposuction?

After liposuction, it is common to wonder when it is safe to resume sexual activity. While it is a normal desire to want to share your new body with your partner, it is important to allow yourself enough time to heal before engaging in sexual activity.

Patients should wait at least 15 days after liposuction before engaging in sexual activity. However, this timeframe may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is important to pay attention to any signals the body may be sending, such as edema, pain, or complications, and act accordingly.

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Discuss with your partner the recommendations your doctor provided after your liposuction procedure. Describe any physical or emotional changes you have experienced.

After 15 days, pay attention to your body. Select positions that do not require supporting your body weight during sex. Avoid being too forceful. Inform your partner if you experience any discomfort. Take more time for self-care. Restrict your movements.

When reviewing your liposuction surgery process, remember not to rush anything. Follow the healing process rules and wait for the results.

Control Your Sex

After liposuction, it is recommended to gradually resume sexual activity. Additionally, it is important to discontinue the use of birth control pills before the surgery. An unintended pregnancy during the recovery process after liposuction can create a challenging situation.

Protect your body when resuming sexual activity after liposuction.

To ensure proper healing, it is important to follow these guidelines: avoid removing your corset for extended periods, take care of your surgical sites, refrain from making aggressive or violent movements, avoid carrying heavy loads, be mindful of the risk of infection, and avoid pregnancy. Discuss your emotions and physical sensations with your partner. Experiment with various sexual activities.

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