When is the Best Time to Schedule Liposuction?


When is the Best Time to Schedule Liposuction?

When we ask our Clinic Health Beauty patients about their decision to have liposuction, the most common response is ‘I decided to have liposuction when I tried to wear my swimsuit or bikini during the summer.’ Some patients decide to have liposuction after giving birth or when they want a fresh start.

In summer, our clothes make us more conscious of our weight. This season brings with it many frustrating occurrences, such as realizing that the swimsuits we purchased last year no longer fit and that our t-shirts have become too snug. How can we better prepare for the next summer?

When is the Optimal Time to Undergo Liposuction?

Clinic Health Beauty states that liposuction can be performed year-round, including during summer, winter, and spring. However, certain months may be more favorable and comfortable for the patient.

For the best time of year to have liposuction, it is recommended to choose the cooler months of September through March. This will increase patient comfort during the procedure.

When examining general liposuction statistics, it is evident that 68% of patients opt for the winter-spring and fall months, while 32% undergo liposuction in the summer.

It is common for patients to have their own reasons for choosing certain months for their procedures. One reason why many patients choose to have liposuction in Turkey during the summer months is because they plan their business or personal vacations around that time. Another reason may be to coincide with their spouse’s vacation.

Today, we can say that liposuction surgeries performed in the summer months are more comfortable than they were 15 years ago. Advancements such as improved air conditioning systems in private hospitals, comfortable post-operation hotel stays with adjustable room temperatures, and anti-allergic properties of current corsets have made liposuction surgery more comfortable during the summer months.

When is the Best Time of Year to Book Liposuction?

The optimal time to schedule liposuction is during the fall and winter months. This is due to the recovery period after the procedure and the timing of the results coinciding with the summer season.

Preparing for Summer with Liposuction

Liposuction surgery can increase patients’ self-confidence and help them feel more at peace with their bodies. It also allows for easier clothing choices, such as wearing a bikini swimsuit during the summer. However, it is important to plan for the recovery period.

Around one month after liposuction surgery, bruises should be almost non-existent and edema and swelling should decrease.After three months, noticeable changes in the body should be visible, but edema may still persist. It can take up to 9-10 months for edema to fully subside. In general, it can be said that an individual is ready for summer approximately 3-4 months after undergoing liposuction surgery.

When is Liposuction Typically Performed?

Learn about the benefits of undergoing liposuction during the fall and winter seasons.

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